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Beaches and swimming areas in the Corsica region in France

List of beaches on the seaside resorts of the Corsica region

Beaches in Canale-di-Verde

Beaches in Canale-di-Verde (Haute-Corse)

It is in the department of Upper Corsica (Castagniccia) that there is the resort of Canale-di-Verde.

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Beaches in Calvi

Beaches in Calvi (Haute-Corse)

The seaside resort of Calvi is located in Northern-Corsica and specifically in the region of Balagne. There are 5 beaches. Pinewood beach is the most famous.

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Beaches in L'Ile-Rousse

Beaches in L'Ile-Rousse (Haute-Corse)

Ile Rousse is located in Northern Corsica and is a seaside village famous for its history and beautiful landscapes. Napoleon and Caruchettu beaches are closer to the city centre and the harbour.

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Beaches in Lumio

Beaches in Lumio (Haute-Corse)

Located in north of Corsica, Lumio is a seaside resort of the coast of Balagne, between Calvi and Algajola.

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Beaches in Macinaggio

Beaches in Macinaggio (Haute-Corse)

Macinaggio is a seaside resort in Corsica located on the eastern tip of the Cape. It is Rogliano’s marina and one of the eight hamlets that make up the town.

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Beaches in Belgodère

Beaches in Belgodère (Haute-Corse)

The village of Belgodère, located in Balagne between Ile Rousse and the desert of the Agriates, overlooks the valley of Prato. It also has a seafront where there is a large sandy beach, Lozari Beach.

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Beaches in Patrimonio

Beaches in Patrimonio (Haute-Corse)

Located at only a few kilometers from the seaside resort of St Florent, on the first slopes of the Nebbio at the beginning of the Cap Corse, Patrimonio is perched on a hill.

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Beaches in Algajola

Beaches in Algajola (Haute-Corse)

Algajola is a seaside resort located in the department of Haute-Corse, between Calvi and Ile-Rousse. It is a small seaside town located on several small hills, once terraces, now covered in scrub, wild olive trees and oak trees.

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Beaches in Monticello

Beaches in Monticello (Haute-Corse)

Located in Corse, the seaside resort of Monticello belongs to the region of Balagne between Lozari Beach and Ile-Rousse. It shares Caruchettu Beach with the latter.

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