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Beaches in Ile de Cavallo (20169) France - advise, map and photos

Information on the seaside resort and on the beaches of Ile de Cavallo (South Corsica) in France


Information on the seaside resort of Ile de Cavallo (20169)

Marina of Cavallo island - Corsica

Location of Cavallo island - Corsica

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  • You will find 5 beaches in Ile de Cavallo :5 sandy beaches and and 1 cove.

At only 2.5 km from the coasts of Bonifacio there is the island of Cavallo which belongs to the archipelago of Lavezzi. This island is totally private but in summer numerous boaters come to enjoy the beautiful beaches and creeks of the island of Cavallo.

This island is often nicknamed the island of the Billionaires. In fact, we find there sumptuous villas at the level of the different creeks. The beaches are logically private (the French coast law does not seem to be applicated here) but in practice numerous boaters come anchor in the different coves. Be careful, in summer, several guards try to discourage you to lay your towel down on the beach (but logically they must call the police to find the offense but the police is on the continent).

Even access to the harbor is regulated. If you want to walk around the island, you must have a reservation in a restaurant or stay at the hotel of the island. We also find a grocery and a marina with many appartments (constructions are banned so far and we see many unfinished houses or abandonned on the island). The lucky ones can also come on the island by plane (there is an aerodrome in the middle).

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