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Beaches on the seaside resorts of the Corsica region in France

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Map of the beaches and resorts in Corsica - France Beaches in North of Corsica South Corsica beaches

Beaches and resorts in Corsica

There are over 1000 km of Coasts and sandy beaches in Corsica. Unlike the mainland, Corsica coastline is preserved from real estate pressure. The Coastline Conservation authority has nearly 200 km of coastline (Agriates, Testa Ventilègne and Campomoro Sentetosa).

There are many beaches in Corsica. Access is not always easy, but it guarantees peace of mind. From the secluded little cove known only by the locals to the great famous beach, our team tries to show you every bathing site in Corsica. Thanks to our beach maps of Corsica, you can easily find the various beaches of Corsica by following our instructions. Be careful, many of the beaches are not monitored; swimming is therefore at your own risk.

There are several interesting sites in the north of the "Ile de beauté". The most famous beaches of Northern Corsica are in the Gulf of Saint-Florent in the Agriates desert (Saleccia beach), in Cap Corsica (Barcaggio beach) or on the East Coast with long sandy beaches that are more reassuring than the Eastern beaches of the coast of Corsica.

Corsica’s Southern beaches are different from the northern ones. The Gulf of Porto-Vecchio offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica: Palombaggia, Santa Giulia and Rondinara are the most famous. The Gulf of Ajaccio is also rich with Capo di Feno beach in a green area and Mare e Sole beach in Pietrosella.

List of beaches on the seaside resorts of the Corsica region

Beaches in Ajaccio

Beaches in Ajaccio (South Corsica)

Ajaccio is located on the western part of Corsica between Porto and Bonifacio.Located between sea and mountains, the beaches at Ajaccio are among the most beautiful beaches of Corsica.

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Beaches in Nonza

Beaches in Nonza (Haute-Corse)

Nonza is a small village in Corsica 20 km north of the seaside resort of Saint-Florent. This former medieval platform with its defence tower overlooks the sea and the famous Nonza Beach covered in grey pebbles.

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Beaches in Saint-Florent

Beaches in Saint-Florent (Haute-Corse)

The seaside resort of St-Florent, located in the Nebbio region in Corsica, south of Cap Corse, is one of the chicest destinations in Corsica. It is often described as a small Saint-Tropez.

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Beaches in Bastia

Beaches in Bastia (Haute-Corse)

Located at the beginning of Cap Corse, in the northeast of Corsica, Bastia’s seaside resort has the privilege of being a city of art and history and of being located at the crossroads of France and Italy.

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Beaches in Porto-Vecchio

Beaches in Porto-Vecchio (South Corsica)

Porto Vecchio, seaside resort and tourist capital of Corsica, is located southeast of the Corsica island on the east coast. Porto Vecchio’s reputation comes from its beaches.

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Beaches in Palasca

Beaches in Palasca (Haute-Corse)

The village of Palasca is located in Haute-Corse in Balagne at the beginning of the desert of the Agriates. This village is famous for long Ostriconi Beach and dunes.

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Beaches in Porticcio

Beaches in Porticcio (South Corsica)

Porticcio is a seaside resort in southern Corsica in the Gulf of Ajaccio. This is one of the most important tourist destinations close to Ajaccio.

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Beaches in Farinole

Beaches in Farinole (Haute-Corse)

Located near Patrimonio and ten kilometres north of Saint-Florent, the little hilltop village of Farinole has two beaches, one is covered in pebbles and the other in sand.

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Beaches in Olmeta-di-Capocorso

Beaches in Olmeta-di-Capocorso (Haute-Corse)

Olmeta in Haute-Corse is located in the Cap Corse between Farinole and Nonza on the west coast. Its small Marine of Negru is the major point of interest of this commune of Corsica.

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