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Beaches in Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda (20246) France - advise, map and photos

Information on the seaside resort and on the beaches of Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda (Haute-Corse) in France


Information on the seaside resort of Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda (20246)

Desert of Agriates in Corsica

Map of Santo Pietro in Corsica

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  • You will find 4 beaches in Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda :4 sandy beaches and and 3 creeks.

Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda, a small village located in Haute-Corse at the foot of Mount Tenda, is a huge wild commune famous for its beautiful beaches.

It is located on the territory of the Agriates, a desert composed of local species, heather, olive trees, pines, and the torn coastline hides beautiful locations including the beaches of Lodu, Ghignu, Malfalcu and Saleccia which hosted the shooting of the film "The Longest Day" in 1962. It is famous for being one of the most beautiful of Corsica. The first one is accessible from the coastal footpath or by seafront only and Malfalcu is at the end of a track. Saleccia must also be earned, 4 hours on foot on the coastal footpath from Roya Beach in St. Florent or from a track from Casta. Ghignu is also accessible by a track from Casta.

This exceptional site is ideal for hiking, many paths roam the landscapes of the Nebbiu region and it is not uncommon to come across the remains of past civilizations: megaliths in the hamlet of Casta on Monte Revincu, dolmens and menhirs or the Church of St. John the Evangelist dating from the XVI century, a jewel of Baroque art. The convent of Saint Joseph from the thirteenth Century is a must see.

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Map of beaches in desert of Agriates - Corsica - Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda Ghignu beach Trave beach Malfalcu beach Alga Putrica beach Saleccia beach Loto beach Roya beach

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Trave Beach

Sentier du littoral - Ghignu 20246 ...

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