Major French coastlines and seaside destinations

Map French coastlinesWhere to find the beach that suits you best? explores the French coastline in order to list the various beaches in France, from the famous beach in the city center to the secluded beach known only to the locals.
To organize your next vacation, we offer guidebooks organized according to major French coastlines.
The Mediterranean is the most popular destination in summer by many tourists: the guarantee of sunny weather, hot water and calm sea. Despite high attendance, there are in some regions unknown beaches, not referenced by guidebooks.
Corsica is also a popular destination. In moving away from publicised resorts, there are sublime places and secluded beaches. One must know them first!
The Atlantic is popular with athletes with waves attracting many surfers. The beaches are often huge, but it can be dangerous to swim.

The beaches of the Mediterranean

The largest number of small hidden coves is in southeast France. The Gulf of Lion is home to large sandy beaches.

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The beaches of the Atlantic

From the Basque coast to Brittany via côte d’Argent, the Atlantic Ocean has many faces and landscapes.

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The beaches of the Channel

From Brittany to the north of France, the Channel offers a diverse coastline with coves, cliffs and sandy beaches.

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The beaches of Corsica

The most famous beaches in Cap-Corse are located in south Corsica, there are numerous unexplored coves on the island of beauty.

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