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Beaches on the seaside resorts of the Lower Normandy region in France

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With 470 kilometers of coast, the region of Lower-Normandy (Basse-Normandie) in France is classified among the most open toward the sea, coming before Brittany, Corsica, and Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur. The beaches of Lower-Normandy offer very different landscapes.

The Cote Fleurie extends to Sallenelles to Honfleur (the border with Upper-Normandy). It is the coast the most well known and the most frequented with destinations like Deauville, Trouville, Cabourg and Houlgate. The beaches of Calvados are sandy and immense.

The Cote de Nacre (not to be confused with the coast with the same name in Corsica) is located to the west of the Cote Fleurie near Caen. It is also very touristic thanks to the popularity of sea bathing, we find several nice seaside destinations with beautiful sand beaches. We find many beaches in the area that were used in the landing of 6th June 1944.

The west coast are the beaches of the landings of the Manche (English Channel) that extend all the way to the bay of Mont Saint Michel and to the beaches of Brittany across from Jersey Island.

To the north, we attack the Cote d'Albatre and the beaches of Upper-Normandy. The landscapes consist of high cliffs and beautiful valleys.

List of beaches on the seaside resorts of the Lower Normandy region

Beaches in Deauville

Beaches in Deauville (Calvados)

Located on the Cote Fleurie, Deauville is without a doubt the most fashionable destination on this coast that extends to Villerville in Cabourg.

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Beaches in Trouville-sur-Mer

Beaches in Trouville-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Located next to Deauville on the Cote Fleurie in Normandy, the seaside destination of Trouville has many resemblances with its neighbor.

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Beaches in Luc-sur-Mer

Beaches in Luc-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Luc-sur-Mer is a small seaside resort located in the department of Calvados, south of the Seine Bay and in the heart of the Côte de Nacre. The city of Caen is located about fifteen kilometers from there.

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Beaches in Langrune-sur-Mer

Beaches in Langrune-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Langrune was nicknamed « the children’s beach » in the 50s for its tranquility and friendliness and it does not fall in its reputation since a few decades later it is still as popular.

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Beaches in Ouistreham

Beaches in Ouistreham (Calvados)

The seaside resort of Ouistreham is located in the department of Calvados in France. It played an important role during the Second World War and its territory is located on Sword Beach.

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Beaches in Colleville-Montgomery

Beaches in Colleville-Montgomery (Calvados)

Colleville-Montgomery is a small village of Calvados by the sea, in Basse-Normandie. Located on the Côte de Nacre, it remained in history for its beach which was one of the 5 landing beaches during the Second World War

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Beaches in Cabourg

Beaches in Cabourg (Calvados)

The seaside destination of Cabourg is without a doubt the star of the Cote Fleurie. Known for its romanticism and architecture, it is full of charm and attracts numerous tourists all year long.

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Beaches in Bernières-sur-Mer

Beaches in Bernières-sur-Mer (Calvados)

The little resort of Bernières-sur-Mer is famous for being part of the Juno Beach area, one of the five allied landing beaches. The village retains its authenticity with its beautiful villas.

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Beaches in Houlgate

Beaches in Houlgate (Calvados)

The resort of Houlgate is situated in Normandy, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge. There is a large sandy beach in Houlgate divided into two sectors.

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Beaches in Honfleur

Beaches in Honfleur (Calvados)

Honfleur is today a reputed seaside destination of Normandy in France. Its seafront is located at less than two kilometers from the historic downtown area and is located at the entrance of the estuary of the Seine across from Havre.

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Beaches in Varaville

Beaches in Varaville (Calvados)

The small seaside resort of Varaville is located in the department of Calvados, on the Côte Fleurie, in Pays d’Auge. It is not far from Cabourg.

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Beaches in Merville-Franceville-Plage

Beaches in Merville-Franceville-Plage (Calvados)

Merville-Franceville-Plage is a seaside resort of Côte Fleurie. It is located less than ten kilometers from Cabourg, on the shores of the bay of Orne.

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Beaches in Benerville-sur-Mer

Beaches in Benerville-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Small seaside resort of Calvados and adjoining the famous seaside resort of Deauville, Benerville-sur-Mer is the favorite destination for tourists wanting to enjoy the Channel and the beautiful landscapes of Lower Normandy while avoiding the crowds.

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Beaches in Tourgéville

Beaches in Tourgéville (Calvados)

Bordering the famous Normandy resort of Deauville, Tourgéville offers a pleasant coastline on the Côte Fleurie shared with the resort of Bénerville sur Mer in the department of Calvados.

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Beaches in Blonville-sur-Mer

Beaches in Blonville-sur-Mer (Calvados)

The small seaside resort of Blonville-sur-Mer is located in the Calvados department in Lower Normandy, less than 5 km from Deauville.

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Beaches in Villers-sur-Mer

Beaches in Villers-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Located in the department of Calvados, in Basse-Normandie, the seaside resort of Villers-sur-Mer is a quiet destination, 10 kilometres away from Deauville and Cabourg.

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Beaches in Hermanville-sur-Mer

Beaches in Hermanville-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Located on the Côte de Nacre and about 15 km from the city of Caen, the small resort of Hermanville-sur-Mer is a haven of peace with well-known architecture.

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Beaches in Villerville

Beaches in Villerville (Calvados)

Old fishing village that has become a trendy destination, Villerville is without a doubt one of the most authentic seaside resorts on the Côte Fleurie.

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Beaches in Cricqueboeuf

Beaches in Cricqueboeuf (Calvados)

Cricqueboeuf is a very small village situated in the department of Calvados, in Basse-Normandie. It is famous for the beautiful church Saint-Martin.

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Beaches in Pennedepie

Beaches in Pennedepie (Calvados)

It is in the department of Calvados, on the Côte Fleurie, that we have the small village of Pennedepie. This charming village, situated in border of the Baie de Seine and not far from Honfleur.

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Beaches in Lion-sur-Mer

Beaches in Lion-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Lion-sur-Mer is a seaside resort of Calvados located at the edge of the Channel and belonging to the Côte de Nacre. It is at 15 km from Caen and offers a vaste sandy beach which ends west with nice cliffs.

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Beaches in Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer

Beaches in Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer (Calvados)

The small seaside resort of Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer, in the Calvados, is a town belonging to the Côte de Nacre and that we nickname here « the queen of iodine ».

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Beaches in Courseulles-sur-Mer

Beaches in Courseulles-sur-Mer (Calvados)

The seaside resort of Courseulles-sur-Mer is a haven of peace located in Normandy (North of France). Courseulles is two kilometres long with sandy beaches.

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Beaches in Granville

Beaches in Granville (Manche)

Granville, located in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, is one of the seaside resorts in the department of La Manche in Normandy.

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Beaches in Barneville-Carteret

Beaches in Barneville-Carteret (Manche)

Barneville-Carteret is in the department of the Manche on the Coast of Isles in north of Jersey and in quarantine kilometres in the south of Cherbourg.

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Beaches in Saint-Germain-sur-Ay

Beaches in Saint-Germain-sur-Ay (Manche)

The seaside resort of Saint Germain sur Ay is located in the department of the Channel facing the island of Jersey about 50 kilometers west from Saint-Lô.

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Beaches in Portbail

Beaches in Portbail (Manche)

The seaside station of Portbail faced up Anglo-Norman iles (Jersey)on the coast of Isles in the English Channel. These last protect the coasts of the heave of the Atlantic.

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Beaches in Agon-Coutainville

Beaches in Agon-Coutainville (Manche)

Located in the department of Manche (Normandy), opposite the island of Jersey, the seaside resort of Coutainville is a major seaside resort on the Cotentin.

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Beaches in Jullouville

Beaches in Jullouville (Manche)

The seaside resort of Jullouville is located in Normandy in the north of the bay of Mont Saint Michel and south of Granville. It faces the Breton resort of Cancale.

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Beaches in Carolles

Beaches in Carolles (Manche)

Carolles-Plage is located on the peninsula of Cotentin, in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, and offers a picturesque and protected environment close to the seaside resort of Jullouville.

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Beaches in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer

Beaches in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer (Manche)

Located in the north of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and only a few kilometres away from Granville, the seaside resort of Saint Pair sur Mer offers a wide sandy beach separated into two at the mouth of the Thar.

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Beaches in Donville-les-Bains

Beaches in Donville-les-Bains (Manche)

Located in the northern area of Granville, Donville seaside resort has the advantage of having a sandy beach that stretches for over several kilometres.

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Beaches in Les Moitiers-d'Allonne

Beaches in Les Moitiers-d'Allonne (Manche)

Les Moitiers d'Allonne is north of Barneville-Carteret in the west of Cotentin (English Channel). It is reputed for its dunes of Hatainville.

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Beaches in Gouville-sur-Mer

Beaches in Gouville-sur-Mer (Manche)

Situated north of Agon Coutainville, in the Coutançais area, Gouville sur Mer is a small seaside resort on the west coast of the Cotentin in the county Manche.

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Beaches in Pirou

Beaches in Pirou (Manche)

Located in the county of La Manche, in the west Cotentin, the seaside resort of Pirou is renowned for its coastline. It is also famous for its shellfish.

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Beaches in Arromanches-les-Bains

Beaches in Arromanches-les-Bains (Calvados)

Arromanches-les-Bains is a “must-see” in Normandy. Yet little known! This resort has been instrumental in the landing of June 1944.

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Beaches in Graye-sur-Mer

Beaches in Graye-sur-Mer (Calvados)

The beach of Graye sur Mer extends on 3 km. East, it begins in the extension of the beach of Courseulles sur Mer (sector of the Juno beach center) and ends west on the beach of Ver-sur-Mer.

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Beaches in Colleville-sur-Mer

Beaches in Colleville-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Colleville sur Mer is famous for its Omaha Beach where the allies landed on June 6, 1944. It is here that we find the American cemetery just a few steps from the beach on the cliffs of Colleville.

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Beaches in Longues-sur-Mer

Beaches in Longues-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Longues sur Mer is located in Normandy in the department of Calvados 8 km north of Bayeux. With its strategic location between the Omaha Beach (west) and the Gold Beach (east), it was in the heart of the June 1944 landing zone.

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Beaches in Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer

Beaches in Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer is in the Calvados department in the south of Normandy. This is where the American and British soldiers landed on June 6, 1944 at 6:30am.

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Beaches in Vierville-sur-Mer

Beaches in Vierville-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Vierville sur Mer is located in Normandy in the Calvados landing site. It is here that we find the famous Omaha Beach (actually three towns), one of the five Normandy landing beaches.

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Beaches in Ver-sur-Mer

Beaches in Ver-sur-Mer (Calvados)

Located between Arromanches les Bains and Courseulles sur Mer, on the coast of Nacre, the small seaside resort of Ver sur Mer is in the sector of the Landing of Normandy of the Second World War.

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Beaches in Saint-Côme-de-Fresné

Beaches in Saint-Côme-de-Fresné (Calvados)

Located between Arromanches les Bains and Asnelles in Normandy, the village of Saint Côme de Fresné is less known and uncrowded even in summer.

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Beaches in Montmartin-sur-Mer

Beaches in Montmartin-sur-Mer (Manche)

Montmartin sur Mer is known for its rock (it has been used for the elle Alexandre III bridge in Paris) but not for its coastline !

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Beaches in Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue

Beaches in Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue (Manche)

Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue is located on the east coast of the Nord-Cotentin in Normandy (the county of Manche – Val de Saire) about thirty kilometres from Cherbourg.

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Beaches in Port-en-Bessin-Huppain

Beaches in Port-en-Bessin-Huppain (Calvados)

Port-en-Bessin is the most important fishing port of Basse-Normandie. Strategic point during the Second World War, Port en Bessin retains some vestiges of this period as casemates and wrecks.

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Beaches in Grandcamp-Maisy

Beaches in Grandcamp-Maisy (Calvados)

Grandcamp Maisy is a Norman seaside resort in the department of Calvados near the Pointe du Hoc and north of Saint-Lô. It is an old fashionable destination of the Belle Epoque for the inhabitants of Paris.

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Beaches in Asnelles

Beaches in Asnelles (Calvados)

With its 400 inhabitants, the seaside resort of Asnelles in Calvados could go totally unnoticed. Situated in the sector of the beaches of the Landing , it is here that the 231st infantry Brigade landed on June 6, 1944 i the early morning.

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Beaches in Lingreville

Beaches in Lingreville (Manche)

Located 1 hour north of Mont-Saint-Michel, Lingreville is a small coastal village lesser-known for its seaside tourism. It features a large sandy beach.

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