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Beaches on the seaside resorts of the South Corsica department in France

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Map of the beaches and resort in South Corsica in France Solenzara beach Bonifacio beach Sartene beaches Belvedere-Campomoro beaches Casaglione Calcatoggio beaches Osani beach Piana beach Porto beach Conca beaches Ste Lucie de Porto-Vecchio beach Lecci beach Propriano beach Porto-Pollo beach Appietto beach Sagone beach Porticcio beach Porto-Vecchio beach North Corsica beaches

Beaches and resorts in South Corsica (2A)

South Corsica is the most touristic department, with the famous resort of Porto-Vecchio and its various idyllic beaches and secluded tracks that you will find on our website, as well as the famous high cliffs of Bonifacio. There are several beaches and coves between these two major tourist destinations.

Up north, there is a rugged coastline on the west coast. Access is often difficult till Sartène, but some beaches are hidden in a dream landscape, often only accessible through the coastal path.

There are several bays on the west coast. The first is Valinco in the Bay of Propriano. Then the Gulf of Ajaccio with the bloody islands, the Gulf of Sagone where there are the most beautiful beaches in southern Corsica (often unknown) and finally the gulfs of Porto and Girolata, famous for its red granite high cliffs. The beaches are beautiful there but not always easily accessible (usually by boat).

You will find below the list of beaches in South Corsica that we visited, with our pictures and comments. We hope to help you discover the most beautiful beaches in south Corsica as well as small, secluded coves that you will only find on Plages.tv.

Depending on your destination, the beaches in North Corsica can be interesting. Hikers will enjoy the Agriates desert and families will head instead to the Calvi beaches.

List of beaches on the seaside resorts of the South Corsica department

Beaches in Ajaccio

Beaches in Ajaccio (South Corsica)

Ajaccio is located on the western part of Corsica between Porto and Bonifacio.Located between sea and mountains, the beaches at Ajaccio are among the most beautiful beaches of Corsica.

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Beaches in Porto-Vecchio

Beaches in Porto-Vecchio (South Corsica)

Porto Vecchio, seaside resort and tourist capital of Corsica, is located southeast of the Corsica island on the east coast. Porto Vecchio’s reputation comes from its beaches.

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Beaches in Porticcio

Beaches in Porticcio (South Corsica)

Porticcio is a seaside resort in southern Corsica in the Gulf of Ajaccio. This is one of the most important tourist destinations close to Ajaccio.

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Beaches in Cargèse

Beaches in Cargèse (South Corsica)

An hour from the city of Ajaccio, the seaside resort of Cargèse is discovered and with her its fine sand beaches and its beautiful landscapes.

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Beaches in Sagone

Beaches in Sagone (South Corsica)

The small seaside resort of Sagone is known for its rich history and beautiful beaches, which attract many tourists every year. Holidaymakers are attracted by the 4 sandy beaches of Sagone.

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Beaches in Appietto

Beaches in Appietto (South Corsica)

About thirty kilometres north of Ajaccio and south of the Gulf of Sagone, the small village of Appietto is divided into three hamlets on the slopes of a mountain covered in scrub.

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Beaches in Olmeto

Beaches in Olmeto (South Corsica)

Perched at 360 meters’ altitude and located in southern Corsica, Olmeto is a haven belonging to the Valinco region. Along the Bay, there are 20 km of beaches in Olmeto-Beach and neighbouring cities that are offered to the tourists.

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Beaches in Serra-di-Ferro

Beaches in Serra-di-Ferro (South Corsica)

Located in the gulf de Valinco in the south of Corsica, Porto Pollo is a little fishing harbor known for its pretty spots for submarine scuba diving and its superb fine sand beaches.

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Beaches in Propriano

Beaches in Propriano (South Corsica)

The seaside destination of Propriano is located in the south of Corsica. To the north of the mouth of the Rizzanese and in the gulf with the same name, we find a large number of beaches in Propriano.

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Beaches in Pietrosella

Beaches in Pietrosella (South Corsica)

The pretty southern Corsican resort of Pietrosella is located thirty kilometres from Ajaccio. The beaches of Pietrosella, Ruppione and Mare e Sole (or silver beach) are very popular in the summer season.

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Beaches in Coti-Chiavari

Beaches in Coti-Chiavari (South Corsica)

Located between sea and mountain, the pretty seaside resort of Coti-Chiavari at about 40 km from Ajaccio is a popular destination of South of Corsica.

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Beaches in Lecci

Beaches in Lecci (South Corsica)

Lecci is small village located in the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio and a famous seaside resort, which beaches are the most beautiful in the Gulf, with the peninsulas of Cala Rossa, Benedettu and the coves of San Ciprianu and Golfo di Sogno.

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Beaches in Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio

Beaches in Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio (South Corsica)

The littoral of Zonza is organized around Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio, located only 20 minutes north of Porto-Vecchio. We find many beaches.

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Beaches in Conca

Beaches in Conca (South Corsica)

Conca has an agreeable maritime facade only about twenty kilometers from Porto-Vecchio. Miniscule typical Corsican city, it is the departure or arrival point for several famous hiking trails.

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Beaches in Porto

Beaches in Porto (South Corsica)

the seaside resort of Porto in Corsica is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful Gulf, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its beautiful beaches.

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Beaches in Piana

Beaches in Piana (South Corsica)

Piana is a village located in Corsica in the Gulf of Porto.This destination is famous for its coastline and especially its creeks, which are very beautiful.

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Beaches in Serriera

Beaches in Serriera (South Corsica)

Located in the department of South Corsica, the small town of Serriera is located on a hillside with olive trees and offers a panoramic view of the Bay of Porto.

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Beaches in Partinello

Beaches in Partinello (South Corsica)

Partinello is a small village located in the department of South Corsica. It is located in the natural park of Corsica, in the gulf of Porto.

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Beaches in Osani

Beaches in Osani (South Corsica)

Osani, a small village in the department of Corse-du-Sud, is located in the natural park of Corsica on the coast of the Gulf of Porto.

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Beaches in Calcatoggio

Beaches in Calcatoggio (South Corsica)

The small hilltop village of Calcatoggio in Corsica overlooks the Gulf of Liscia and is located twenty kilometres north of the city of Ajaccio.

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Beaches in Casaglione

Beaches in Casaglione (South Corsica)

The town of Tiuccia is a small seaside resort in southern Corsica, located thirty kilometres from Ajaccio in the town of Casaglione. Family-oriented, it offers many activities and beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Liscia.

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Beaches in Belvédère-Campomoro

Beaches in Belvédère-Campomoro (South Corsica)

Belvédère-Campomoro is a seaside destination in the south of Corsica. The old city looks over the superb gulf of Propriano where we find two marinas: Campomoro and Portigliolo.

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Beaches in Sartène

Beaches in Sartène (South Corsica)

Surrounded by bush and vineyards, Sartène has a coast of 33 kilometers that extends from Campomoro to Rocapina. Argent Beach is the main beach.

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Beaches in Bonifacio

Beaches in Bonifacio (South Corsica)

Bonifacio is a medieval city located at the southernmost part of Corsica (Ile de Beauté), and is often described as a city at the end of the world resting on top of white cliffs opposite Sardinia.

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Beaches in Ile de Cavallo

Beaches in Ile de Cavallo (South Corsica)

At only 2.5 km from the coasts of Bonifacio there is the island of Cavallo which belongs to the archipelago of Lavezzi. This island is totally private but in summer numerous boaters come to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

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Beaches in Solenzara

Beaches in Solenzara (South Corsica)

Located in the department Corse-du-Sud, the seaside destination Sari-Solenzara is located on the Cote des Nacres, sharing the name with a shellfish formerly found here in large quantities.

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Beaches in Pianottoli-Caldarello

Beaches in Pianottoli-Caldarello (South Corsica)

The small village of Pianottoli-Caldarello, located in the department of Corse-du-Sud is close to Figari in the southwest of Corsica.

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Beaches in Monacia-d'Aullène

Beaches in Monacia-d'Aullène (South Corsica)

It is in the department of Corse-du-Sud, in the region of Freto, that lies the village of Monacia-d'Aullène. It is surrounded by the villages of Sartene and Pianottoli-Caldarello.

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