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Beaches Corsica France

List of beaches on the seaside resorts of the Corsica region

Beaches in Cargèse

Beaches in Cargèse (South Corsica)

An hour from the city of Ajaccio, the seaside resort of Cargèse is discovered and with her its fine sand beaches and its beautiful landscapes.

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Beaches in Sagone

Beaches in Sagone (South Corsica)

The small seaside resort of Sagone is known for its rich history and beautiful beaches, which attract many tourists every year. Holidaymakers are attracted by the 4 sandy beaches of Sagone.

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Beaches in Appietto

Beaches in Appietto (South Corsica)

About thirty kilometres north of Ajaccio and south of the Gulf of Sagone, the small village of Appietto is divided into three hamlets on the slopes of a mountain covered in scrub.

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Beaches in Olmeto

Beaches in Olmeto (South Corsica)

Perched at 360 meters’ altitude and located in southern Corsica, Olmeto is a haven belonging to the Valinco region. Along the Bay, there are 20 km of beaches in Olmeto-Beach and neighbouring cities that are offered to the tourists.

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Beaches in Serra-di-Ferro

Beaches in Serra-di-Ferro (South Corsica)

Located in the gulf de Valinco in the south of Corsica, Porto Pollo is a little fishing harbor known for its pretty spots for submarine scuba diving and its superb fine sand beaches.

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Beaches in Propriano

Beaches in Propriano (South Corsica)

The seaside destination of Propriano is located in the south of Corsica. To the north of the mouth of the Rizzanese and in the gulf with the same name, we find a large number of beaches in Propriano.

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Beaches in Pietrosella

Beaches in Pietrosella (South Corsica)

The pretty southern Corsican resort of Pietrosella is located thirty kilometres from Ajaccio. The beaches of Pietrosella, Ruppione and Mare e Sole (or silver beach) are very popular in the summer season.

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Beaches in Coti-Chiavari

Beaches in Coti-Chiavari (South Corsica)

Located between sea and mountain, the pretty seaside resort of Coti-Chiavari at about 40 km from Ajaccio is a popular destination of South of Corsica.

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Beaches in Brando

Beaches in Brando (Haute-Corse)

The small seaside resort of Brando, located in Haute-Corse within 10 km of Bastia, includes several hamlets and offers vacationers beautiful beaches and landscapes.

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