The beaches of Côte d’Argent - Reviews, Maps and photos

Map of Côte d'Argent coast in France Côte d’Argent begins north of the Basque Coast and stretches to the estuary of Gironde in France. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches of Côte d’Argent stretch infinitely with the beginning of the Bay of Arcachon as only interruption.
Largely composed of forest, Côte d’Argent has been preserved. The seaside resorts have nothing to do with those of the Mediterranean. They form small centers with only seaside shops and holiday residences bordered by beautiful pine forests. They are often connected to one another by bike paths along the dune areas of Cote d'Argent (but more than 10 km apart in general).
The beaches along Côte d’Argent are all covered in sand. However, swimming can be dangerous (because of baïnes) and it is advisable to swim only in supervised areas.

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