Beaches on Côte d’Améthyste and in the Gulf of Lion - Mediterranean

Map of seaside resorts and beaches on Cote d’Amethyste in France

Côte d'Améthyste is located in the Mediterranean in the Gulf of Lion and is surrounded by Côte Vermeille in the south and Camargue in the north. All the seaside resorts of Languedoc-Roussillon are located there.

The beaches of Côte d'Améthyste are wide and sandy. The greatest beaches in the south of France are located there. Although the various resorts were concreted in the 60s, the beaches remained quite charming and larger and wilder than the beaches of the French Riviera. However, it is important to specify that the north wind may be strong in this area (rather unpleasant), even midsummer.

The Gulf of Lion stretches from the Spanish border to the creeks of Marseille. Côte d’Améthyste is the main coast on the Gulf of Lion coastline. To that, one must add Côte Vermeille, its small coves and rugged coastline, the Camargue beaches with vast wild and preserved areas, the Blue Coast with a varied coastline and rich seabed and the famous creeks.

List of seaside resorts and beaches on Côte d’Améthyste - Gulf of Lion in the Mediterranean