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Grand Capo Beach in Ajaccio - France

Information on the Grand Capo Beach in Ajaccio (France)


Description and location of the Grand Capo Beach in Ajaccio (20000)

Map of Grand Capo Beach in Ajaccio - Corsica

Our opinion on the Grand Capo Beach

Adresse of the Grand Capo Beach : Capo Di Feno D111B 20000 Ajaccio

Ajaccio’s Grand Capo Beach lies in the Minaccia coves northwest from the centre of Ajaccio, above the Sanguinaires Islands. This large sandy beach extends for 1 km. It is one of the favourite spots for surfers. In rough seas, it is dangerous for swimming. For those looking for an untamed corner in Ajaccio, it is in our opinion one of the most beautiful beaches, although in recent years, there are several beach huts that spoils the untamed appearance (refreshments available). Note that on the far left, there is a nudist area.

Access to this beach is by small paths. To get to this beach from the centre of Ajaccio, take the Sanguinaires road for about 8 km and turn right on D111B (marked Minaccia) for about 3 km. Then, on the left, you will find indications on the beach (beach huts panels). From there, you have a dirt road that arrives on a large carpark. You can also access it at the end of the Sanguinaires (“tour Parata” parking) on foot in 2h30.

Characteristics of the Grand Capo Beach

Type of beach

  • Creek
  • Shade
  • Lawn
  • Pebbles
  • Sand
  • Cement

Equipment on the beach

  • Handicap accessible
  • Swimming pool
  • Kids Club
  • Shower
  • Mattress rental
  • Free parking
  • Payed parking
  • Paddle boats
  • Lifeguards in season
  • Restaurants
  • WC


  • Beach volleyball
  • Nautical Center
  • Sand Yachting
  • Nursery
  • Fishing
  • Nautical sports
  • Surfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Kitesurfing


  • Difficult access
  • Nude beach
  • Wild beach
  • Near city center


  • Barbecues permitted
  • Dogs allowed
  • Smoke-free beach

Photos of the Grand Capo Beach

Photo of Capo di Feno beach in Ajaccio - Corsica

Arriving from the Parata Tower (you pass by the Sevani Beach), you arrive on the beach of Grand Capo.

Capo di Feno from the coastal path - Ajaccio

The place is totally preserved with very few buildings in the area.

Naturist beach in Ajaccio - Capo di Feno - Corsica

The area nearest to us (southern of Capo di Feno) is naturist. The rest of the beach is “textile” (non naturist).

Nudist beach in Ajaccio - Capo di Feno

We are on the naturist area. We can see that the sea is very rough.

Grand Capo beach in Ajaccio

This untamed beach, north of Ajaccio, has become in recent years the trendy beach of the Gulf of Ajaccio.

Surf spot in Ajaccio in Corsica
Private beach of Grand Capo - Ajaccio

In recent years, there are a few beach huts on the beach.

Huts on Capo di Feno beach - Ajaccio
Grand Capo beach - South view - Ajaccio

In the background, before the mountains, we see a large field. Behind, lies the beach of Petit Capo (20 minutes’ walk).

Photo of Grand Capo beach in Ajaccio
North of Capo di Feno Beach - Corsica
Access to the Grand Capo beach - Ajaccio

Parking is located behind the vegetation.

Parking of Capo di Feno beach - Ajaccio
Trail of Capo di Feno beach - Ajaccio

The trail is pretty well maintained. It takes about 5 minutes to reach the paved road.

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