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Beaches on the seaside resorts of the Morbihan department in France

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Map of beaches in Morbihan in Brittany in France Plouharnel Le Palais - Belle-Ile Erdeven Locmaria Sauzon Bangor Ploemeur Plouhinec Port Louis Guidel Larmor St Pierre Quiberon Arzon Locmariaquer Carnac Penestin Quiberon Vannes Loire Atlantique Finistere

Introduction on the coastline of Morbihan

The department of Morbihan is a popular destination for seaside tourism. The beaches of Morbihan are generally easily accessible and there are large stretches of sand. The water temperature is very nice in summer, unlike other Brittany beaches, but one must be careful when swimming as there are very strong currents depending on the areas (second strongest tides in the world).

The Gulf of Morbihan and the Quiberon peninsula are the two most sought-after sites. The first one is composed of about 60 islands or islets with a narrow opening towards the ocean (1 km between Port-Navalo and Locmariaquer). The second one is a former island attached to the mainland by alluvial contributions. The west coast is totally wild and more reserved for hiking (very rocky coast). There are many beaches on the east coast, some of which are the most beautiful in Morbihan.

The northern part of Morbihan also has some gems, particularly around Lorient with the pleasant resort of Larmor-Plage.

Many small islands make up the department. The two most important ones are Belle-Ile and Groix.

The beaches of Loire Atlantique are located south and show the same characteristics as the beaches in Morbihan. The beaches of Finistere in the north take over with a very uneven coast and hide many small coves with beautiful scenery.


List of beaches on the seaside resorts of the Morbihan department

Beaches in Vannes

Beaches in Vannes (Morbihan)

Vannes is a resort located on the south coast of Brittany, in the Gulf of Morbihan. The beaches are very popular even though they are far from being the best in Morbihan.

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Beaches in Quiberon

Beaches in Quiberon (Morbihan)

The seaside resort of Quiberon, located at the tip of the peninsula of Quiberon opposite Belle-Ile-sur-Mer, is one of the most popular resorts in the South of Morbihan and Brittany.

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Beaches in Pénestin

Beaches in Pénestin (Morbihan)

The resort of Pénestin is a county in Morbihan part of the Guérande peninsula near the beaches of Loire-Atlantique. It has 25 kilometres of coastline and a beautiful architectural heritage.

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Beaches in Carnac

Beaches in Carnac (Morbihan)

Carnac (town and beach) is a popular destination with holidaymakers who like to stroll admiring the beautiful opulent villas or walk on the side of the salt marshes on which Carnac-Plage was created.

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Beaches in La Trinité-sur-Mer

Beaches in La Trinité-sur-Mer (Morbihan)

The seaside resort of La-Trinité-sur-Mer is located on the coast of Megaliths. Families especially appreciate the beaches of La Trinité sur Mer.

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Beaches in Locmariaquer

Beaches in Locmariaquer (Morbihan)

The resort of Locmariaquer in Morbihan and its beautiful beaches overlooking the bay of Quiberon are to the delight of tourists.

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Beaches in Arzon

Beaches in Arzon (Morbihan)

Arzon is a small seaside town on the Gulf of Morbihan, in Brittany. It is located at the end of the Rhuys peninsula and is bordered by the Bay of Quiberon, Atlantic Ocean side.

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Beaches in Saint-Pierre-Quiberon

Beaches in Saint-Pierre-Quiberon (Morbihan)

The small seaside resort of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon, located at the entrance of the peninsula of Quiberon, about twenty kilometres from Auray and the Gulf of Morbihan, is a popular seaside resort.

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Beaches in Larmor-Plage

Beaches in Larmor-Plage (Morbihan)

Larmor-Plage, located in the south of Brittany, is open on the Atlantic Ocean and faces Port Louis and Ile de Groix (only 8 km as the crow flies).

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