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Beaches in Ile d'Arz (56840) France - advise, map and photos

Information on the seaside resort and on the beaches of Ile d'Arz (Morbihan) in France


Information on the seaside resort of Ile d'Arz (56840)

Beach on the Island of Arz in Brittany

Location of the Island of Arz in Brittany

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  • You will find 10 beaches in Ile d'Arz :10 sandy beaches, 3 pebble beaches and 5 creeks.

Located in Brittany, in the Gulf of Morbihan, is the Island of Arz (inhabitants are known as Iledarais). It is the largest island in the Gulf of Morbihan, spanning 3.3 km², with its neighboring island, Ile aux Moines, measuring 3.2 km². In this municipality, two hiking trails allow visitors to explore the surroundings during a leisurely walk. The green trail offers an easily accessible 7.5 km route, clearly marked. The blue trail is more hilly and includes steep sections.

When it comes to beaches on the Island of Arz, there are plenty of options: Fontaine Varia, Penera, Kerolan, Brouel, and La Falaise. One can take a break to visit the tidal mill of Berno during the season. Shellfish gathering is one of the local activities.

On-site, there are hotels, rentals, bars, restaurants, a campground, and all amenities (shops, transportation, medical services).

Situated in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan Regional Natural Park, this little gem is cherished for its peaceful and natural ambiance. It comprises numerous islands that can be explored on a delightful cruise. Observing the various species of local fauna and flora is a delightful pastime.

Visitors can also meet various local producers who promote regional products such as salted butter biscuits, cider, cheese, Saint-Armel Gochtial (a typical Breton sweet bread), and, of course, oysters!

The Island of Arz is accessible by boat every day from Port-Blanc (Baden - 20 minutes), Séné (15 minutes), or Vannes during the season (30 minutes from Parc du Golfe or 15 minutes from Conleau).

Please note that dogs are not allowed on any of the beaches of the Island of Arz from June 1st to September 30th (municipal decree). Outside of this period, dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash.

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