A Guide to discover Marseille and its seafront

Marseille is a city not to be missed in the south of France, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and rich with centuries of history. Our visit is organized on the way to the various beaches of Marseille.

Discover Marseille

Surrounded by a magnificent setting, Marseille is captivating and one gladly surrenders to one of its 111 districts, entangled in one another! Always moving, it was in 2013 the European Capital of Culture. Among the many things to do here, some are absolutely impossible to miss!

View of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde from the sea - Marseille - France

View of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde from the sea

Start by visiting Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, the "good mother", located 154m above the city and which offers a superb view over the region. Get lost in the alleys of Panier, discover the castle of If ... This one, located on an island, offers superb exhibitions and it can be reached from Quai des Belges.

Château d'If in Marseille - France

Château d'If

Take advantage of this ride to stop on the islands of Frioul, just opposite the city. The prettiest Belle Époque-style houses are located in the neighborhood of Estaque, along the beach and they are bordered by the promenade leading to the church square. Time appears to have stood still for a century or two!

Old Port in Marseille - South of France

The view of the Old Port of Marseille from a boat

The Old Port, very famous, leads to many islands where one can also witness the return of the day's catch. Do not miss out on tasting bouillabaisse a few hours later! From the old port, go to Goudes by the cornice, through the beaches of Prado. From here one can admire Prophète Beach where younger people can discover the joy of swimming and the hills of Pastré. Corniche Kennedy also offers a beautiful view. Other lovely seaside resorts are also worth visiting, La CiotatBandolLe Lavandou and the islands of Hyères and Porquerolles further, a hundred kilometres away.

The beaches and creeks of Marseille

Pointe Rouge Beach - Marseille - South of France

Pointe Rouge Beach

With 57 km of coastline, 14 km of which are creeks, Marseille is the ideal place for swimming! Many beaches, coves and inlets, a seaside park, the Prado with 2km of sand and pebble beaches, and to Pointe-Rouge, the biggest of all, this is what awaits you and will seduce every visitor without any trouble!

Catalans Beach - The nearest beach of the old port of Marseille

Catalans Beach near the old Port of Marseille

As for the conventional ones, Catalans Beach is the closest to the Old Port and is famous for its beach volleyball courts. Then there are also creeks, on the way one can find the small coves of Bain-des-Dames, Phocéens, Colombet, and Verrerie, where there are small huts where the atmosphere changes according to the time of day.

Vallon des Auffes in Marseille

Neighbourhood of Vallon des Auffes

Concerning the neighbourhood of Vallon des Auffes,one can see the charming small port with many sharp tips on one another. It is a real village inside the Phocéenne town. There are several fish restaurants around this port. Towards Estaque, the beaches of Corbière are nice because they are in the shade.

Calanque in Marseille - France

Calanque in Marseille

As for the creeks of Marseille, start walking (for the most adventurous, several hours of walking are to be expected) in Port-Miou in Cassis, towards that of Port-Pin, En-Vau (which has the reputation of being the most magnificent) ... They are near Cassis. The creek of Sugiton south of the city are also superb, as well as those of Callelongue, MorgiouSormiou

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