Ile de Noirmoutier: a wide range of beaches

Located in the department of Vendee and connected to the mainland by a bridge, the island of Noirmoutier is a small paradise which offers its tourists untamed and natural landscapes. The beaches of Noirmoutier are totally different from the other beaches in the Vendée, they are more authentic beaches with character, like the beaches of Yeu.

Beach near the forest of La Chaize - Noirmoutier

The Sableaux: a wide beach at low tide along the forest of La Chaize

Nicknamed "the island of mimosas", we discover, according to the seasons, changing landscapes ranging from dunes to salt marshes, green oak forests to sandy beaches.

It is for its beauty and tranquillity (except in July and August) that visitors flock to the island of Noirmoutier. Its authenticity attracts as its 40 km of gently shelving beaches, ideal for families. Further North, discover an untamed environment consisting largely of coves and rocky scenery. Going south, they make way for large sandy beaches bordered by dunes and pine trees. At the heart of the forests hide some of the most beautiful villas on the island, especially around the forest of La Chaize but traditional houses are still numerous and emphasize the authenticity. Nantes upper class settled here in the late nineteenth century and sophisticated roofs and facades of mansions can still be seen between the trees.

The Dames pontoon with its beach - Noirmoutier

The Dames pontoon with its beach

Les dames - Beach of Noirmoutier

The Dames Beach at low tide with its cabins and tourist structures

This quaint is found near the Souzeaux Beach and Dames Beach which seems to continue with the old seaside traditions. The majestic villas are there, too.

The Dames Beach, in high season, with its bathing cabins

The Dames Beach, in high season, with its bathing cabins

Souzeaux Beach - Noirmoutier

Souzeaux Beach at low tide

On Anse Rouge Beach are cabins that still bring a little style to this part of the island. Sableaux Beach is ideal for children. In the winter, mimosas illuminate their colours around and alongside grand oaks trees, ...

Rouge cove: untame character and the Plantier tower  - Noirmoutier

Rouge cove: untame character and the Plantier tower

Plantier tower - Rouge cove - Noirmoutier

The Plantier tower, a private property that looks like a lighthouse in Rouge Cove

Les Sableaux - Noirmoutier

The Sableaux: cabins and nearby woods

Walking along the small paths, we take the time to admire the mills and beach huts as well as the salt marshes. The best way is not to cross the bridge that connects the island to the mainland but to opt for the passage of Gois, beware of the tidal times. This cause way road unique in Europe is amazing! This 4 km cause way was built in the seventh century. This is the ideal way to discover the towns of Noirmoutier like Barbâtre, La Guérinière and Epine. From the continent, access is north of La Barre de Monts.

Barbatre beach - Noirmoutier

Plage du Midi: une grande plage du même style que les plages du continent

Barbâtre is the first that we cross. Its main beach, the Midi Beach, is 8 km long, to the delight of guests. Facing south, it is the perfect place for sunbathing in the shelter of a dune. It is divided into several sectors (Croix Rouge, the Onchères or Boucholeurs) and especially appeal to fans of water sports and swimming. Not far away is the Sebastopol polder, regional nature reserve since 2008 and home to many species of birds. On Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile, a small channel welcomes pleasure boats and fishermen. Walking on the Jacobsen pier, you can appreciate the charm of salt marshes and discover the beautiful views of the nature reserve of Müllembourg.

Court Beach in the village of Guérinière - Noirmoutier

Court Beach in the village of Guérinière

Guérinière offer a unique view of the south of the island. You can see the bunkers of Cantine and the mills of Court Beach that form a small cove. Shore practice on the Sables d’Or Beach at the Point of the Loire.

The mill of La Bosse at the Epine Beach - Noirmoutier

The mill of La Bosse at the Epine Beach

Overshadowed by the Bois des Eloux, the highest point of the island, the Epine beaches, at the west, are quieter and peaceful. From the Ocean, La Martinière, Saint Jean or la Bosse, the choice is vast for those who want to enjoy pleasant walks and tranquillity. You can walk to the port of Morin well known for its coastal fishing, or reach the Pointe du Devin to join Herbaudière. Again, the beaches follow on, starting with that of Luzeronde which is accessed by a dune trail. This rocky bay offers a wide strip of sand and the most beautiful view at sunset. If you prefer the coves, head for those of Lutin and Luzan. Finally, the beach of the Linière, near the harbour, is a favourite of children for its many games.

The Vieil Beach on the waterfront - Noirmoutier

The Vieil Beach on the waterfront

The Noirmoutier island also offers a succession of "Marzelles", rocky sandy beaches that are found especially near Vieil. Fishermen will find winkles and green crabs and architecture lovers quietly admire the traditional houses from the sand. Some will enjoy the pretty cove of Mardi Gras Beach while others will prefer the white beach of La Clere, surrounded by its maritime pine trees.

César and Rosalie beach - Noirmoutier

Mardi Gras Beach

To come on holiday in Noirmoutier is also an opportunity to discover the various resorts of the Vendée. Les Sables d'Olonne is a must and offers an exceptional coastline with a beautiful central beach. Saint Gilles Croix de Vie is a family destination with a charming harbour and a pleasant embankment with many shops on the seafront.

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