Corsica : East or West Coast

The west coast of Corsica

Ajaccio : an authentic harbor

Ajaccio : an authentic harbor

The gulf of Ajaccio is a superb body of water in beautiful turquoise blue. Translucent, we can see fish, especially at the coves where boaters like to stop for a few hours. The mountains covered with vegetation contrast with Meditarranean Sea and white sand. 

The beach of Saint-François is a few steps away from the city center of Ajaccio. The citadel of Ajaccio is comfortably installed on the beach. We can enjoy the latter since the promenade embellished with palm trees.


Sainte Barbes - south of Ajaccio in Corsica

Isolella and the island of Sainte Barbes

The beach of Sainte Barbes at Isolella, with its incredible rounded shape rocks, looks like a little haven. A restaurant is on site to enjoy the view to the fullest. The beach of Portigliolo delights to those who love the large expanse of golden sand and a calm sea at will.

Terre Sacrée in Ajaccio : a beautiful beach

The monument on the beach of Terre Sacrée

Among the beaches where time stopped, the beach of Grand Capo di Feno, located above the Sanguinaires islands, make surfers happy. Here, nature has retains its rights, like on the beach of Terre Sacrée on which watches a beautiful monument to the dead.

Scandola and Piana in Corsica

Piana and Scandola : Corsica seen by boat

Located between the cities of Ajaccio and of Calvi, the calanches of Piana are listed as UNESCO World Heritage. This incredible place is full of treasures. Practicing the trails, we go from wonder to wonder. The steep coast is indeed a suerb place to make unforgettable walks.

Desert of Agriates - Corsica

The desert of Agriates between St Florent and Calvi

South of St-Florent, in the desert of Agriates hides the wildest beaches of Corsica. Access are complex and housing is non-existent … From St Florent, boats are shuttling.

The East Coast of Corsica

Palombaggia : the paradise of Corsica

Palombaggia : white sand, pine forest and translucent water

At Porto Vecchio, stones telling a story are everywhere. They are crossed on low walls, at the bend of a road or at edge of a river. Here, the beach of Palombaggia is a must. It is a real treat for people dreaming of an idyllic destination. The bay of Santa Giulia deserves a visit with its lagoon with translucent waters and its incredible green relief. We take pleasure to rest on the beach as well as to walk the seabed in search of multicolored fish during a scuba diving session.

Eastern Corsica coast: Santa Lucia Moriani

Eastern Coast of Corsica : Santa Lucia Moriani – an infinite and calm beach

The eastern coast , has big fine sandy beaches. Even though it is often painted as lacking originality, it has beautiful riches to its credit. To discover them, you have to get involved a little more by starting to meet them. The calm that reigns is part of it. It gives a perfect setting for children to these beaches.  Campsites having their feet in the water rub vineyards and fruit plantations. Villages on the hillside are typical.

Cap Corse : the typical Corsica

Port of Macinaggio in Cap Corse

The harbor of Macinaggio north of the Cap Corse

The Cap corse incarnates the typical Corsica with its navies and its small authentical villages with yellow and tangy orange facades. The lights that illuminate the city at night makes it a magical place. We find there a preserved setting and the appeasement that goes with. However, it is not always easy to find accomodation. So you have to go ahead and enjoy an unforgettable stay in this more natural environment. 
Corsica has an exceptional heritage. However, it is highly recommended to own a car to fully enjoy it.

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