What to visit in Cap Corse

The peninsula of Cap Corse is located northeast of the Island of Beauty, and covers an area of 40 kilometres. It is bordered by the mountains of Serra, which altitude reaches almost 1,400 meters and which have eight peaks exceeding 1,000 meters. Its coastline is split and the small beaches of Cap Corse are nestled in coves that one can see from the ledge where the views are unforgettable.

The one nicknamed the island within the island or the finger of Corsica is a special place, marked by small mountain villages, its blue stone mixing with that of the sea, sometimes barren landscapes and a quantity of remaining vestiges of the past. Chapels, convents, old fishing ports and ruins of Genoese towers complete the landscape.

The seafront towns and villages of Cap Corse in Corsica

The seafront towns and villages of Cap Corse

The valleys are popular hiking destination where one can discover the wonders of Corsica; there are many trails. Cap Corse is located north of Bastia, and municipalities, coastal or not, are numerous. From Nonza to Pino, Brando, Canari or Luri, there are many postcard sceneries and one can discover with delight the terroir of this corner of France.

Northeast coast of Cap Corse in Corsica

The northeast coast of Cap Corse near Macinaggio

The small town of Brando, for example, is located less than 10 kilometres from Bastia. Composed of several hamlets, it is popular with artists, particularly in the area of ​​Erbalunga. From one of its beaches, one can admire the reliefs protecting the town and get lost in the turquoise waters, unless ones chooses to visit the house of the lords of Gentile via the Castello circuit, the opportunity to check out the castle, where only ruins remain. Nearby, the villages of Grotta and Serboghju are charming and authentic, just like the resort of Luri, also known as Santa Severa.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Cap Corse

Cala Genovese in Macinaggio - one of the most beautiful beaches in Cap Corse

This is the perfect place to indulge in the joys of diving. It must be said that the seabed of Cap Corse is famous for being rich and beautiful and people come from all over the world to enjoy fauna and flora as well as shipwrecks, memories of the Second World War. One can reach the hamlets of Piazza and Tufo, visit the chapel of Our Lady of Lavasina, be surprised by the presence of some menhirs or just lounging on the beaches of Meria, Macinaggio and Tamarone, the perfect place for younger people. Méria is precisely one of the prettiest hamlets. One moors one’s boat there, or leaves one’s car down in the village, then walks through the narrow streets, which always lead to amazing views. Real balcony on the horizon, the village overlooks a large wild beach dotted with rocks. The most beautiful beaches of Corsica are located in Macinaggio, by taking the path of the Douaniers.

Port de Giottani

The port of Giottani and its beach

In Centuri, the typical serpentine roofs and the stone staircases give a certain charm to the place, which port is a must-see. The beach of the resort is very busy in summer (especially in the afternoon after enjoying lobsters in one of the restaurants of Centuri) and the paths leaving from the town lead the tourists to the castle of Merlacce or the parish church of Camera. Equally beautiful, the resort of Barrettali and its marina, one hour from Bastia, delights visitors who marvel at the perched houses and small fishing port of Giottani with its beach. Here, Corsica is authentic. Along the road stand the giant tombs, the Road of Napoleon offers stunning views of the marina of Minerbio and the pebble beach is fairly quiet. In the evening when the sun sets, the ride is magical!

Marina of Sisco in Corsica

The marina of Sisco bordered by a beach

Pietracorbara and its chapels (those of Saint Antoine de Padoue, St. Leonard, St. Catherine of Alexandria), Sisco and its views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the islands of Elba and Olgiatro Albo and the marina of Capraia are as many must see resorts when one chooses to visit Cap Corse.

Albo beach in Cap Corse

Albo Beach, a surf spot

Further south, Nonza Beach attracts people who want to discover the grey gravel covering this beach (they come from an old asbestos factory that was located close to Canari – does not pose any risk to health according to health services).

Grey pebble beach in Cap Corse - Nonza

A grey pebble beach in Cap Corse where one can carve one’s name

One can finish one’s visit by Saint-Florent with charming port and narrow streets do not leave one indifferent. Lovers of tranquility and natural areas will then go to the desert of the Agriates where there are little known beautiful wild beaches (but inaccessible) and to the reserve of Scandola and the Gulf of Porto. Lovers of seaside atmosphere will head towards Balagne (area between Calvi and Ile Rousse) or to Porto Vecchio in southern Corsica, two popular destinations for easily accessible beautiful sandy beaches (but busy).

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