Bastia: point of entry into Cap Corse

The Cap Corse peninsula is the land of sailors, and a very different world. 40 km long, it is located at the north end of the Ile de Beauté (surname of Corsica), and bordered by the Serra Mountains, with tops at nearly 1400m sometimes. These areas attract many tourists who are curious to discover this rugged coastline, the smaller beaches nestling in the coves and especially the unforgettable views from the ledge. "The Island in the island" is another world where mountain villages surrounded by arid nature stand alongside the blue of sea and sky. Each walk is an opportunity to come across vestiges of the past, chapels, convents, ruins of the Genoese towers ... The place is also well known to hikers, there are countless paths connecting the villages of Noza, Pino and Luri.

Bastia harbor in Corsica - Cap Corse

View of the commercial port of Bastia to the eastern tip of Cap Corse

Next comes Bastia. Corsican charm is also present from the old port dominated by the citadel. Bars and restaurants follow one another on the docks. One can visit the church of St. John the Baptist, one of the most famous monuments in Bastia and the Chapel of the Conception with its pebble mosaic courtyard.


Bastia from the sea - Corsica

View of Bastia from the sea (North from the Old Port)

Old harbor of Bastia

Old Port of Bastia - many restaurants

The Citadel district is a city within a city and some compare it to Avignon. One can admire the Palace of the Governors, which today houses the Ethnographic museum and the baroque cathedral of Sainte-Marie built in 1604. The St. Croix chapel is also another architectural jewel. The Romieu gardens are on the other hand the green lung of the city.

Old town of Bastia - Citadel

Entrance of the port of Bastia with the citadel in the centre and the beginning of the eastern coast in the background

The city is more modern on Saint-Nicolas Square, a vast esplanade facing the new port where café terraces are very popular.

As for the beaches of Bastia, the range of alternatives is wide. The south begins on the east coast with Arinella Beach. It is a vast expanse of sand stretching for several kilometres with many activities in summer and several huts. There are pebbles beaches typical of Cap Corse in the north, with charming small marinas where the atmosphere is totally different from the south.

Erbalunga harbor in Cap Corse

Marina of Erbalunga Brando

Brando is located ten kilometres from Bastia and is one of those safe havens, hamlets turned into a seaside village where holidaymakers hurry to discover the Castello circuit, which goes along a castle in ruins and beaches with crystal clear waters. One can easily reach Grotta and Serboghju, typical Corsican villages, which preserved their traditions, and practice scuba diving, the seabed of Cap Corse is among the most famous in the Mediterranean. Wrecks of World War II and incredible flora are among the things to enjoy.

The natural reserve of Biguglia Pond, close to the village of Furiani, is a must see around Bastia and one of the most beautiful in the region. There are hundreds of animal and plant species, much to the delight of enthusiasts. The village on the other hand overlooks the pond of Chiurlinu. An old Genoese fortress still protects old homes. A walk up to the Romanesque chapel of Santa Maria Assunta in the north of the hamlet still allows one to enjoy the charm of the region. One can also choose to visit the archaeological site of Mariana or the village of San Martino di Lota nestled in the heart of a magnificent landscape!

To move further, we encourage you to read our tourist guide on Cap Corse where you can find the most beautiful beaches in the north of Corsica. Saint Florent is a must see when one is in Bastia (about 35 minutes away by car). This is the point of entryinto the desert of Agriates (Saleccia beach is one of the most famous beach), an arid area where there are beautiful wild beaches but difficult to reach (boat or four wheel drive). Balagne, Calvi and Ile Rousse are not far away.

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