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Flancadou Calanque in Ile de Frioul - France

Information on the Flancadou Calanque in Ile de Frioul (France)


Description and location of the Flancadou Calanque in Ile de Frioul (13007)

Map of Flancadou Cove in Frioul

Our opinion on the Flancadou Calanque

Adresse of the Flancadou Calanque : Sentier des Astragales 13007 Marseille - Ile de Frioul

Flancadou Calanque is located south of Pomègues Island in Frioul. Heart-shaped, three small beaches are available in this cove. From the tower of Poméguet, the first one provides access to a rocky beach. It is not the most pleasant one. There is a second access overlooking two beaches on the trail one hundred meters away. They are very narrow but are more enjoyable than the last one. One has to arrive early to reserve it.

These beaches are nice but the proximity with the Crine beaches makes it less interesting.

To get to this cove from the port of Frioul, head towards Pomègues Island. After the tower of Poméguet, turn right on Astragales. The creek is indicated; there are two different accesses one hundred meters from each other.

Characteristics of the Flancadou Calanque

Type of beach

  • Creek
  • Shade
  • Lawn
  • Pebbles
  • Sand
  • Cement

Equipment on the beach

  • Handicap accessible
  • Swimming pool
  • Kids Club
  • Shower
  • Mattress rental
  • Free parking
  • Payed parking
  • Paddle boats
  • Lifeguards in season
  • Restaurants
  • WC


  • Beach volleyball
  • Nautical Center
  • Sand Yachting
  • Nursery
  • Fishing
  • Nautical sports
  • Surfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Kitesurfing


  • Difficult access
  • Nude beach
  • Wild beach
  • Near city center


  • Barbecues permitted
  • Dogs allowed
  • Smoke-free beach

Photos of the Flancadou Calanque

Photo of the calanque of Flancadou in Frioul Island - Marseille

There are three small beaches, one sandy, in this heart-shaped cove located after the tower of Poméguet (visible on the right of the picture).

Calanque of Flancadou in Ile de Frioul - France

There is a rocky beach at the first access (from the port of Frioul). It's not the nicest area.

Sand beach in the calanque of Flancadou - Frioul

There are two small beaches at the second access. One is covered in gravel and the other in sand.

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