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Beaches in Ensuès-la-Redonne (13820) France - advise, map and photos

Information on the seaside resort and on the beaches of Ensuès-la-Redonne (Bouches-du-Rhone) in France


Information on the seaside resort of Ensuès-la-Redonne (13820)

Madrague of Gignac in Ensues la Redonne - French Blue Coast

Location of Ensuès la Redonne in France

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  • You will find 6 beaches in Ensuès-la-Redonne :1 sandy beach, 4 pebble beaches and 5 creeks.

Ensuès la Redonne is one of the most important typical villages of Côte Bleue located near Marseille. It is divided into three main parts: the center of Ensuès away from the sea, the port of La Redonne and the ports of Méjean.

La Redonne is the most important part of Ensuès la Redonne on the seafront. It can be accessed via a steep road with many slopes (with a very steep slope). Note that there is a blue train station (the building is beautiful, one can discover it from the port).

Méjean is much smaller but its small port is certainly charming. There is an easily accessible pebble beach, which is unusual on this coast. However, the road has big slopes, often dangerous.

It is possible to hike around La Redonne and discover some unusual swimming areas. Caution, the place is unfrequented off-season, be sure to plan your picnic.

The small port of Madrague de Gignac is also a must-see (follow chemin de la Madrague) but there is no beach. To the east, one can discover the beaches of Le Rove, the entry point of Côte Bleue and Carry le Rouet in the west. One can also check our list of beaches on Blue Coast.


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