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Cove of Bilhervé in Ile d'Arz - France

Information on the Cove of Bilhervé in Ile d'Arz (France)


Description and location of the Cove of Bilhervé in Ile d'Arz (56840)

Criques de Bilhervé sur l'île d'Arz

Our opinion on the Cove of Bilhervé

Adresse of the Cove of Bilhervé : Presqu'île de Bilhervé 56840 Ile d'Arz

On the Bilhervé peninsula, which is attached to the Isle of Arz, there are a multitude of small coves on the trail leading to the Nénésic point, on the east side. Some are scattered along the coastal path, while others are more sheltered, allowing for sunbathing in complete privacy on an ocher-pink sand. Sand and rocks share the space when it is not the coastal flora that nibbles the sand. You have to walk a little to discover this little haven of peace because bikes are usually prohibited. Some come by kayak, but be careful... it is easy to run aground. But the efforts are worth it! The impression of being closest to the elements and far from everything is striking in the heart of the gulf, a real delight!

Characteristics of the Cove of Bilhervé

Type of beach

  • Creek
  • Shade
  • Lawn
  • Pebbles
  • Sand
  • Cement

Equipment on the beach

  • Handicap accessible
  • Swimming pool
  • Kids Club
  • Shower
  • Mattress rental
  • Free parking
  • Payed parking
  • Paddle boats
  • Lifeguards in season
  • Restaurants
  • WC


  • Beach volleyball
  • Nautical Center
  • Sand Yachting
  • Nursery
  • Fishing
  • Nautical sports
  • Surfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Kitesurfing


  • Difficult access
  • Nude beach
  • Wild beach
  • Near city center


  • Barbecues permitted
  • Dogs allowed
  • Smoke-free beach

Photos of the Cove of Bilhervé

Bilhervé Creeks, the ocean air is invigorating!

These creeks, stretching for nearly a kilometer, can be reached on foot or by kayak.

Ochre-pink color of the sand

Some of them are adorned with sand that plays with the pink color.

Access path to Bilhervé creeks

No nudist creeks here, as the access path often passes too close.

Landscape of polders

To the west, the landscape is populated with polders, a true refuge for horses, egrets, herons...

Rocks in sight!

The presence of rocks on some creeks can be a bit overwhelming, so caution is advised!

Marine plants' universe

Marine plants also make themselves at home here!


Cormorants are also in paradise in these creeks.

Lern and Quistinic Islands

View of Lern Island in the distance, and Quistinic Island: we are both far and close to everything.

Tranquility of the creeks

The trail occasionally moves away from the creeks, and the tranquility becomes even greater...

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