Quiberon: A seaside destination in the south of Brittany near the Bay of Morbihan

Connected to the mainland by a narrow stretch of sand over a few kilometres, the peninsula of Quiberon is a destination appreciated by tourists in Brittany who appreciate its climate and its superb landscapes. Located on a peninsula 40 minutes from Vannes, it is made of contrasts where you can admire both a calm sandy shoreline and a rocky coastline beaten by winds, the beautiful untamed coast, Quiberon is a small territory occupied for millions of years. The testimonies of many passages are found through the menhirs, dolmens and cromlech that populate the island and the old sardineries give you an idea of what Quiberon was like. At the beginning of the 20th century, tourism and thalassotherapy awakened it from its slumber and today more than 65 000 spa enthusiasts come to take advantage of its assets. Consequences, it is sometimes difficult to arrive by car to Quiberon, it is better to use the Tire-Bouchon, a train that connects it to Auray.

Untamed coast of Quiberon in France

Côte Sauvage (untamed coast) of Quiberon (western part of the peninsula)

Quiberon is open all year round, its landscapes changing with the seasons. During the winter, nature is the master of the place; the waves and the wind unleash and allow the visitors to recharge. Many people come to admire the storms and enjoy the mild climate. In spring, the sportsmen invade the island on the side of the Bay and the beaches of Quiberon begin to fill, including shore fishermen on foot who take advantage of the unusual high/low tides. The lovers of fauna and flora leave with unforgetful memories, the moors around the Locmaria tower adorn themselves with colours and the many species of birds are observed during one of the many hiking trails.

Beach in the town centre of Quiberon

La Grande Plage: a vast expanse of sand in the town centre

Summer and autumn are the occasion to admire the sunrise from Conguel point, to enjoy the 13 beaches of the town, to discover the flavours of the island in the big Saturday market and to relax every Monday at the famous fest-noz! The beaches are the main assets of the resort. Grande Plage beach is the most popular; it offers a panoramic view of Belle-Ile-en-Mer and has clubs for young and old. It is reached by the pretty promenade of the beach from Port Maria and its beach to the Casino. Goviro beach is also pleasant with its three sandy coves and the thalasso centre next to it.

Beach near the Conguel point

The main beach of Conguel Point

The beach located at Conguel point is also very beautiful. To the north, towards St Pierre de Quiberon, the Drehen beach offers a beautiful stretch of sand. In the summer, it is crowded due to the neighbouring campsites.

Beach near Conguel point in Quiberon

Jument beach: a sheltered beach in Quiberon

Also in Quiberon, there are some beaches still untamed and less known than the beaches cited above. Jument beach is easily accessible and remains unknown, probably because of the beautiful beaches of Quiberon which are located next to it.

A mixture of sand and rocks - beach in Quiberon

A mixture of sand and rocks

Around Port Haliguen, the beach of Kermorvan reminds us of the beaches of the Côtes d'Armor with its rounded rocks.

Between Quiberon and Gâvres, in the neighbouring commune, you can discover one of the ecological jewels of the South Morbihan. 2500 hectares of dunes, the largest domain in Brittany, preserved and free of any construction, one of the most visited points of the island. Further to the west, from the Turpault Castle to the Percho Point, the Untamed Coast with its innumerable coves (but swimming is dangerous), reefs, caves and arches that create a surprising landscape. The coastal trail allows you to enjoy the landscape and to discover the Kervihan point, Neolithic site, Port Bara and its cave, the pretty beach of Port Blanc and not forgetting the fountain of Port Kerné.

Beach near the Fort of Quiberon

The beaches around the Fort of Quiberon (entrance of the peninsula)

Further north but still on the peninsula, the beaches of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon are appreciated by families and sportsmen. Unlike the south, there are long stretches of sand on the west side (therefore on the side of the untamed coast). Here swimming is allowed. The beaches are located around Fort Penthièvre. The most famous is the Penthièvre beach bordered by its dunes. Here, you can practice sand-yachting (the beach is several kilometres long) and in rougher seas, you can even practice kitesurfing or surfing. On the east side, we are in the bay of Quiberon, the beaches are calmer and therefore frequented by families. The most typical is the beach at the port of Orange, it has a lifeguard station and many restaurants close by. The beach of Kerhostin has a certain charm with its beautiful villas and its few rocks.

Kerhostin beach in the bay of Quiberon

The beach of Kerhostin with view on the coast and on Carnac

You can continue your walk near La Trinité sur Mer and Carnac, between dolmens and beautiful beaches in the Bay of Quiberon.

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