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Almanarre Beach in Hyères - France

Information on the Almanarre Beach in Hyères (France)


Description and location of the Almanarre Beach in Hyères (83400)

Map of Almanarre Beach in Hyeres

Our opinion on the Almanarre Beach

Adresse of the Almanarre Beach : Route du Sel 83400 Hyères

Almanarre Beach in Hyères is the largest sandy beach of the seaside resort. There is nearly 4 km of sand along the salt road between old salt marshes where one can see many pink flamingos and small dune areas. The peninsula of Giens is at the end of this beach.

This beach is famous for kite surfing or windsurfing when the mistral blows.

Two areas are monitored in summer, the first on after the roundabout of Almanarre where there is a car park, showers and toilets and the second one in the middle of the beach at the step-through (the salt road is closed in winter).

There are also windsurfing or kite surfing areas.

A car park is available from this beach (at the roundabout of Almanarre). There are a few parking spaces along the old salt marshes on the rest of the beach.

Note that the end of the beach (at Giens) is also called Les Estagnets. The water is a little less deep in this area (compared to the beginning of the salt road where the water is deeper).

There are also restaurants and private beaches along this beach.

Characteristics of the Almanarre Beach

Type of beach

  • Creek
  • Shade
  • Lawn
  • Pebbles
  • Sand
  • Cement

Equipment on the beach

  • Handicap accessible
  • Swimming pool
  • Kids Club
  • Shower
  • Mattress rental
  • Free parking
  • Payed parking
  • Paddle boats
  • Lifeguards in season
  • Restaurants
  • WC


  • Beach volleyball
  • Nautical Center
  • Sand Yachting
  • Nursery
  • Fishing
  • Nautical sports
  • Surfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Kitesurfing


  • Difficult access
  • Nude beach
  • Wild beach
  • Near city center


  • Barbecues permitted
  • Dogs allowed
  • Smoke-free beach

Photos of the Almanarre Beach

Almanarre beach in Hyères in France

This is the beginning of Almanarre Beach in Hyeres, at the beginning of the road leading to the peninsula of Giens.

Best beach in Hyères in France

This great beach in Hyères is sandy along the salt field road with mini-dunes on the right.

Almanarre beach with view on peninsula of Giens - France

From this beach, the view of the peninsula of Giens is beautiful and starts at the end of this beach.

Wild beach in Hyères - Almanarre

Along this beach, there are more preserved areas.

Beach along the peninsula of Giens

There are a few small dunes on the right. The setting is beautiful (February).

Monitored beach of Almanarre in Hyères

This area is monitored in summer.

Kite surfers on the Almanarre beach in Hyeres

There are many kite surfers in the south.

Photo of Almanarre beach from the Giens peninsula - France

This is the end of the tombolos on the peninsula of Giens. Almanarre Beach is on the left and the salt fields of Giens on the right.

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