List of beaches that allow dogs in Pas-de-Calais in France

Map of dog friendly beaches in Pas de Calais in France
There are nearly twenty beaches and notches in Pas de Calais where one can bring one’s dog in summer. The department is a good performer in France.
The most dog friendly beaches are located between Cap Gris Nez and Cap Blanc Nez (the beaches are wild and access can be difficult). These are often small beaches (notches). We really love the large beach of Chatelet in Tardinghen that offers a vast area in the dunes.
There is also a large area between Marck and Oye-Plage in the north of Calais. However, the sea may withdraw far away so swimming is not always easy (on the other hand, it is perfect to wander around). Bathers will go to Escardines outside the monitored area (a nice walk to get there).
There are also authorised beaches around major resorts in the south (outside swimming areas), usually at the end of the resorts.
We also advise you to browse the list of the beaches in Pas de Calais, where you will find tourist information.

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