The sea beds of southern France

Who says the most beautiful sea beds were reserved only for the travellers who go to foreign countries? In France, there are superb sea beds just waiting to be discovered! In the Bouches-du-Rhône and Var, summer is the ideal season and discover the marine species of the area, bask in the coves and admire the wildlife that many people are trying to preserve.

The coves around Marseille

Baie des Singes in Marseille - a wild swimming area

Marseille’s Baie des Singes with a small harbour – in the background, the Baie des Singes beach

Marseille, three hours from Paris by train. All around the city is a multitude of small towns bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. Before you find yourself in the water, you can choose to explore Cassis, its port and its coves. It is possible to visit all year round by boat or after a short hike.

The coves of the Blue Coast

Cap Rousset in Carry le Rouet in France

Cap Rousset Bay in Carry le Rouet

The adventure begins with Carry-le-Rouet and its marine trail that starts from the side of Cap Rousset Cove, about thirty kilometres away! The town is part of a marine reserve since 1983. Please have trainers because flippers are not allowed on the site, helps preserve nature. Right before your eyes, there are three universes you can admire: sandy bottoms, rocky bottoms and those covered with plants. The sea beds are full of surprises. So it is common to see a wide range of varied species of exotic fish and magnificent shellfish that will from time to time. accompany you on your adventure. You will be surprised, for sure about the number of fish and the species that inhabit these sea beds! Between Marseille and Carry le Rouet, you will find the coves of the Blue Coast with its small ports. That of Niolon is charming even if it has no beach, only rocks.

Niolon Cove on the Blue Coast

Niolon Cove with a view of the bay of Marseille

A hundred kilometres away lies the Untamed (Sauvage) Cove of Port d’Alon where the team of the Permanent Centre for Environmental Initiation will introduce you to the sea and its treasures before taking you in the water! The visit is for everyone here, no need to be exceptionally physically fit: properly secured in a kayak, you can relax while watching the sea beds. During the excursion, you will encounter sea urchins, shellfish and soles ...

The Var Coast

Porquerolles Island

Then, head towards the Rayol Marine Garden where Figuier Bay in Rayol-Canadel (between Le Lavandou and Cavalaire sur Mer) will delight lovers of Posidonia, this flowering plant that lives there, and all those looking for exceptional views! The guide will help you to discover rare species like barracudas and moray eels and you will be able to have your introductory dive. You can reach by boat the island of Port-Cros and its National Park which will celebrate next year its 50th birthday!Here everything happens on foot! On land and in the water, take the appropriate shoes with you as they will help you to discover a beautiful beach and the signposted underwater trail that will give you information about the species you're likely to encounter without having to using a guide and in your own rhythm. If you are lucky, you will see in the foam a few wolffish that are up to 70cm long and, in deep in water, Large Nacres which are protected and are among the largest shells in the world. On land, scrubland and the fragrances of Provence are enchanting and trails lead you to the fort of Estissac while enjoying the Var beaches.

Finally, the nearby island of Porquerolles will allow you to pass from a paradise to paradise with its beaches and its clear water.

After this exceptional adventure on the Mediterranean coastline, the sea will hold no secret from you!

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