The Gulf of Saint-Tropez and its municipalities are synonymous with: festivity ! It is one of the most essential places on the French Riviera for fans of seaside parties with swimming and boating... to end at the break of dawn!

Saint-Tropez, having become a beach and a holiday destination for celebrities, with Brigitte Bardot being the first to fall for its charms, was originally a simple small fishing port overlooked by a citadel that protected its inhabitants, offering an exceptional view of the gulf. 

Boules is an institution at Place des Lices, and the Gendarmerie has earned its stripes with the famous series of films "The Gendarmes in Saint-Tropez"... it awaits you for a selfie!

Its restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are there to fulfill all the desires of the Jet Set and holidaymakers with high purchasing power during the summer season.

Lounge on the most beautiful beaches of Saint-Tropez and say hello to your vacation! 

Port of Saint Tropez

Port of Saint-Tropez

Other beach resorts in its aura are also very friendly spots, including:

Port-Grimaud, the Venetian of Provence

Originally, the marshland and alluvial plain of Giscle were dedicated to hunting and agricultural activities. In 1964, visionary architect François Spoerry envisioned a lakeside village with Provençal hues complete with a marketplace and small shops. It was labelled "Remarkable Contemporary Architecture" in 2018 and has been listed as 20th-century Heritage since 2002.

The Places of June 19th and that of François Spoerry as well as the Magistral Fountain are adorned with beautiful white and blue ceramic decorations. 

This seaside city, with its multiple festive and nautical activities during the summer period, is located in a preserved natural setting bordered by vineyards. Inviting you to wander, take a lovely boat ride in the lakeside city and along the Mediterranean, then come back to taste the products of the sea and enjoy good ice cream with a thousand flavors: vacation is in its DNA!

You can rest on the downtown beach, which offers a quieter part and a busier part inside the Praires de la Mer Campsite.

Colorful houses of Port-Grimaud

Colorful houses of Port-Grimaud

Saint-Maxime, the family resort

Sainte-Maxime is the most important city in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, but unlike Saint-Tropez, it has a very family-friendly spirit even if it remains festive during the summer period when it quintuples its population.

It is located between the Maures Massif and its 11 km of beaches, including 6 of fine sand on the Mediterranean Sea. The old village is built in the Art Deco style of the 1920s, and its narrow streets lead to various small markets with local scents and products where it is good to discover the taste of Provence.

The most beautiful beaches of Sainte-Maxime invite you to relax, swim, play children's games, water sports and sailing, jet-skiing, and sea cruises. Everything is possible.

Furthermore, Sainte-Maxime is very involved in environmental protection and reasonable development. Indeed, the beaches and fields of posidonia – or sea plants – are the natural setting for its inhabitants and vacationers, which must absolutely be protected. In 1987, the Blue Flag of Europe Label came to reward this preserved setting, guaranteeing swimming waters, quality, and good environmental performance.

Sainte-Maxime loves to party with many events organized at the Carré Saint-Maxime. Similarly, concerts, shows, and in summer, Live Music nights will take you on their evenings, as well as many friendly bars and restaurants.

Historically, the Tour Carrée Museum dedicates its exhibitions to local folklore and traditions, with costumes from the time, historical objects of handicraft and fishing. Temporary painting and sculpture exhibitions complete the life of the Museum. Remember that the festivities in mid-May, which last 3 days and 3 nights, see the inhabitants of Sainte-Maxime parade in Provençal costumes to the sound of flute tunes.

Don't leave without having boarded the Aquascope to observe the unique fauna and flora of the Mediterranean.

Port of Sainte-Maxime

Port of Sainte-Maxime

Cavalaire, the small family resort

Cavalaire is located in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and nestled in a very pretty bay. Mild climate and sunny place 300 days a year, 4 km of blond sandy beach, soft and family-friendly ambiance (labelled Family Plus): these are the assets of this charming seaside resort.

Cavalaire spells happiness for the whole family with: relaxation, petanque, sandcastle competitions, water and sailing activities, sea cruises, paddle in crystalline waters. The nautical station is one of the most popular on the Côte d'Azur as a diving spot where many wrecks, fauna, and flora reserve beautiful discoveries for you.

If you want to escape from the crowded beaches in the summer period, we invite you to la Calanque de la Cron, a unique place in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The Fenouillet trail will unfold before you an exceptional panorama on the coastline, bordered by mimosas, eucalyptus and Mediterranean vegetation on a backdrop of cicada song in summer, pure wonder ...

After your hike or sports activity, numerous festivities such as concerts by internationally renowned artists, and entertainment for children, are proposed. Not forgetting local fish gastronomy and multi-flavored ice creams or a sunny cocktail on the terrace for the sweetness of holidays: must-haves!

High view of the Calanque de la Cron

The Calanque de la Cron

La Croix Valmer, surprising beaches

Between Le Lavandou and Saint-Maxime, La Croix Valmer has a small village with deeply rooted Provençal traditions, right against the Maures massif. The old village is overlooked by the Clock Tower, built in the 14th century, the only survivor of a fortified defense structure and its old windmill.

It presents 7 natural beaches over 6 km of coastline with the water quality being transparent and luminous. The most famous are those of Gigaro and Sylvabelle. You can sunbathe and swim safely with children along its coasts.

Then, the trail starting from Gigaro beach to Cap Lardier is a living painting of the Mediterranean flora on 300 hectares of wild nature with warm aromas of the South. You can make a stop at Aiguebonne creek,Crocodile Islet or at Jovat beach.

And finally, numerous Period Villas dot your walks like those of Louise, Bruyère, Turquoise, Couadan, small jewels reflecting the sweetness of living here. 

Gigaro beach view from the sea

View on Gigaro beach

The hilltop villages around the Gulf of Saint-Tropez complement the adornment of its seaside jewels where it is pleasant to live in summer with:


Grimaud is a medieval village backed onto the forests of the Maures Massif, with paved and flowered alleys leading to the ruins of its 11th century castle, ramparts, and renovated old houses.

The historical heritage of Grimaud is rich with: the Saint-Michel Church dating from the 11th century as well is the most imposing of the villages of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. There are also pretty chapels to visit such as those of Notre-Dame de Queste, Saint-Roch and des Pénitents.

Do not miss the walk circuit of the valley of the Pont des Fées, an old aqueduct bridge and its beautiful green natural setting. And to rest, head for its public or private beaches with a view of Saint-Tropez.

The village of Grimaud

The village of Grimaud and its castle


Gassin is nestled between La Croix-Valmer and Saint-Maxime, in the middle of the Saint-Tropez peninsula on a rocky promontory a few kilometers from the sea.

Through the old houses in winding alleys, you will arrive at Place Deï Barri with its exceptional panorama of vineyards, small wooded areas, overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the Maures Massif. On this square, take a break to taste a typical dish refreshed with a very fresh and fruity Côte de Provence. Then, you will continue your discovery with the ramparts, the Church and its presbytery as well as the Chapel of Notre Dame de la Compassion.

For your leisure: hiking, on foot or by mountain bike, swimming, water sports, and a beautiful 18-hole golf course will offer you a wonderful holiday.

The hilltop village of Gassin and its vineyards

The hilltop village of Gassin

Source: Ma region sud


Ramatuelle is at the heart of the Saint-Tropez peninsula, nestled on the hillsides with a magnificent view over Pampelonne's beaches. The village is surrounded by old ramparts and populated with houses of old stone and pink tiles in narrow alleys. Not far from the village, the Escalet beach and the coastal path leading to Cap Taillat are worth discovering. A true postcard from the South!

To visit: the Saracen Gate, the bread ovens, the Lord's House, the Camarat lighthouse and tours of the surrounding vineyards. Many celebrities have fallen in love with this exclusive and very festive place. Brigitte Bardot is its muse. Furthermore, jazz festivals, classical music, and theater performances offer wonderful evenings to its guests.

For sports enthusiasts, you can choose between: water sports, tennis, horse riding, golf, mountain biking, and petanque in the spirit of Provencal relaxation and friendly sharing.

Seaside resorts or small perched Provencal villages, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez is The Place to Be for aficionados of fine sandy beaches, sailing and water sports, hiking customs trails and a very festive atmosphere as soon as the sun sets.  

Coastal path towards Cap Taillat

View from the coastal path towards Cap Taillat

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