Located in the South of the city of Marseille, between Mediterranean waves and the Marseilleveyre and Puget Massifs, Marseille's most beautiful calanques belonging to the Calanques National Park are waiting for you to discover their wonders.

With nearly thirty in number, we present to you the 5 must-visit calanques:

The En Vau Calanque

The En Vau calanque is undoubtedly the most breathtaking in the National Park, with high cliffs, perfectly crystalline water, and pebble beach. It can be accessed via the D559 road and the Gardiole Forest. Don't miss the Belvédère d'En-Vau with its magnificent surrounding ridges. A beautiful walk of nearly 2 hours awaits you to discover the fauna and flora.

It is also possible to arrive by boat from Port Miou.

Aerial view of the En Vau calanque

The Port Pin Calanque

The Port Pin calanque can be reached on foot from the Cassis peninsula along a path of just over 2 km, which is very easy and therefore suitable for younger visitors.

It is composed of terraces lined with Aleppo pines and offers a beautiful pebble and sand beach for a family vacation.

Entrance to the Port Pin calanque

The Sugiton Calanque

Access via the D559 road and at the bottom of Col de la Gineste, there is a parking lot and a lovely fountain along a path from Baumettes and Luminy. It is also possible to take bus lines B1 or 21J with a stop at Luminy. An easy hike suitable for everyone.

Not to be missed is the Sugiton Belvédère named the Tour d'Argent, which reaches a height of 250 meters and offers a remarkable panoramic view with an orientation table!

The Sugiton calanque consists of 2 coves with pebble beaches, and across from them is the Torpilleur Island, so named because it resembles a military ship, making them small Mediterranean gems.

The Sormiou Calanque

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Sormiou Calanque is the only calanque with car access, with a regulated and paid parking lot in winter. It is closed during the summer. You can also reach it by bus, line 23, with a stop at La Cayolle. And finally, on foot through a 2 km walk from the Beaumettes or Cayolle parking lots.

Sormiou is one of the most beautiful calanques in Marseille and a renowned spot for scuba diving. It is also populated with charming small cabins and covered in fine golden sand. In summer, lifeguards are present! The trails will take you to Cap Redon, the Cave of Capelan, the Crête de Morgiou, and the prehistoric cave of Cosquer.

To treat yourself, go on a Via Cordata hike, where you will be protected by a harness and guided through roped sections to discover the Sormiou calanque from above, all the way to the Capelan Cave.

Aerial view of the Sormiou calanque

The Morgiou Calanque

The Morgiou Calanque is a lovely calanque with cabins and restaurants where you can taste specialties from the South!

You can access it by vehicle up to the regulated parking area, but also by taking bus line 22 with its terminus at the Beaumettes. On foot, it's a 2.5 km walk from Luminy and 3 km from the Beaumettes. On average, a one-hour walk will allow you to enjoy the sublime Mediterranean landscape, diving into the deep blue sea.

Several professional fishermen regularly dive their nets or check their lobster pots in these calanques. Through the Anse de la Triperie, which is the furthest point of this calanque, you will reach the prehistoric cave of Cosquer. Heading towards Sugiton, the trail will lead you to the Blue Cave. And finally, at the small fishing port, Louis XIII's staircase bears witness to the King's visit in 1622 to discover tuna fishing with the madrague technique.

Morgiou Calanque

The other calanques are also beautiful spots with rocks, cliffs, Mediterranean flora and fauna, and sandy or pebble beaches. They have lovely names such as:

La Mounine - Marseilleveyre - les Queyrons - Podestat - L'Escu - L'Oeil de verre - le Devenson - L'Essaidon and L'Oule.

Of course, during the summer, many pleasure boats anchor in these places, but it does not diminish the beauty of these magical locations!

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