Lacanau-Ocean: one of the largest seaside resorts in Gironde in France

Lacanau-Ocean, an important seaside resort in Gironde, belongs to the Community of the Communes of the Médoc Lakes with the villages of Carcans and Hourtin. The origins of the city can be traced back to the Gallic period, when it was a renowned port before becoming one of the first resorts to benefit from the enthusiasm of the visitors for sea swimming in the early century. This period of prosperity can still be found in the architecture and the hundred of villas that can be visited through 4 tours set up by the Tourist office.

Villa Plaisance in Lacanau-Océan in France

The Plaisance Villa of Lacanau-Ocean built in 1906 during the creation of Lacanau-Ocean

It is mainly known for its long beaches sheltered from the urban areas by high dunes and which hosts each year one of the biggest surfing events on the Atlantic Coast, the Lacanau Pro, which brings together world champions before making room for fly-surfing professionals in September for another competition. All in all, there are 7 beaches in Lacanau between ocean and lake that delight vacationers. The competitions are held on Central Beach, which is the most popular and the busiest. Younger people particularly enjoy South Beach (or Ecureuils) at low tide small when small pools appear and which stretches over several kilometres towards Le Porge Ocean. One can also observe the remains of a blockhouse buried in the sand.

Beach of Super Sud in Lacanau - France

Super South Beach within walking distance or a bicycle ride away

The Beaches of Super South and Lion, a little further away, are more difficult to reach due to a somewhat distant car park but they offer peace and quiet. The wildest one remains that of the Lion, from the name of a boat, which came ashore on the beach. One will have to cross the dunes to get to it, hence lower attendance. It is the most interesting historically speaking because one can still discover the location of the AR-14 fortification of the Atlantic Wall and two blockhouses. One can reach it only on foot or by bicycle and a nice walk leads to a forest house among pine trees.

Lion beach in Lacanau-Ocean

Lion Beach at low tide

Bunker on the Lacanau-Ocean beach

A bunker on Lacanau-Ocean Beach

Sport in Lacanau is a real priority, and dozens of kilometres of cycling paths invite guests to explore the city and its surroundings in a different way. Walking trails, the Pitrot water plan welcoming water skiing enthusiasts, the lake of Lacanau with Moutchic Beach or Grande Escoure Beach ideal for children, windsurfers and various golf courses are Indeed the delight of visitors!

Lake of Lacanau in France

Lake of Lacanau – Hamlet of La Grande Escoure

The natural reserve of the pond of Cousseau is also popular with walkers or for a nap in the shade of pine trees. There is an interpretation trail to discover fauna and flora in a safe way. Between sunbathing sessions, the Museum of the Canau memory looks back at the history of the resort; an opportunity to learn that the city which enjoys abundant sunshine is located exactly on the 45th parallel, halfway between the North Pole and the equator!

In summer, two markets offer tourists the opportunity to taste local produce, oysters and fish, but also local wines and cooked meats. The most regional one stands on the steps of the Escoure every Friday morning.

Located about fifty kilometres from Bordeaux, in the heart of the peninsula of the Médoc, It is also possible to visit the surrounding areas of Lacanau!

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