Must see places in Biarritz

Surfers, walkers along the esplanade of the Casino, nice waves and beautiful beaches, Biarritz has always been able to combine chic and quiet, creating this gentle lifestyle that one can feel when coming there. Located in the French Basque Country, close to the Spanish border, it is very popular among tourists since the nineteenth century, when Napoleon III and Eugenie came to benefit from the virtues of thermal baths. Accustomed to splendour and good company, the city has retained a rich architectural heritage. All influences have left their mark and it is very pleasant to walk in the middle of Victorian mansions as well as neo-classical, Basque, Norman...

General view of the center of Biarritz with the Grand Palace and main beach

General view of the center of Biarritz with the Grand Palace on the left and Grande Plage

Main beach of Biarritz in the Casino area

Main beach of Biarritz (Grande Plage) near the Casino

To discover Biarritz, nothing like a walk along the beach, starting from the tip of St. Martin and down to ilbarritz Beach and its strange castle (actually on the seaside resort of Bidart but close to Biarritz).

Ilbarritz beach in France

Ilbarritz Beach just outside Biarritz but near the beaches of Biarritz

This is a good way to discover the beaches of Miramar, Grande Beach, Vieux Port, Marbella, Milady and the must see buildings such as the Hotel of the Palace and its imposing red walls and the casino, between which a nice walk welcomes thousands of strollers every summer. A little further away, one can enjoy one of the best views of the ocean from Bellevue Square, before reaching the small port of the Fishermen and the plateau of the Atalaye, from which one can watch the Rock of the Virgin and the surrounding coves, symbol of the city.

Typical small port of Biarritz

Typical small port of Biarritz between Grande Beach and Port-Vieux

Finish with the Belza Villa or the lighthouse, which can be visited throughout the summer. The Rock, used as a port project of Napoleon that never saw the light, is connected to the mainland by a steel bridge which achievement is attributed to Gustave Eiffel. There is a nice view of the city and the ocean.

Rock of the Virgin (de la Vierge)

Rock of the Virgin

There are many sporting competitions throughout the year on the beaches of Biarritz, including surfing, and many people flock to see international stars.

Cote Basque beach in Biarritz with its beach and the view on Spain

Cote Basque beach in Biarritz with its beach and the view on Spain

If one does not want to try the famous waves of the Atlantic Ocean, one can still try pelota or golf on the renowned course along the ocean.

Golf in Biarritz and Bidart

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Museum of the sea and rock of the Vierge - Biarritz

In white, the museum of the sea and on the right, the bridge leading to the rock of the Virgin

Younger guests will probably enjoy, between two dives, the visit of the museum of the sea (7000m aquariums, exhibitions and shows...) or of chocolate, the Basque Country is known for his "brown gold", which gourmands will enjoy among other culinary delights (think also ham, cheese...)!

Staying in Biarritz is also the opportunity to discover the hinterland, the mount of the Rhune, which offers beautiful views of the ocean and the countryside, the caves of Sare and the picturesque villages of Espelette (famous for its chilli), Arcangues and its castle ... The region has among the prettiest communes in France and one can make pretty discoveries while strolling on the small roads.

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