The Landes coastline stretches for over a hundred kilometers, previously a vast swampy territory that was drained in the 19th century to create large beaches and develop tourist activity. 

But let's focus on the Californian spirit of the beautiful beaches of the Landes country in the New Aquitaine Region that combines the beauty of the Atlantic, endless beaches, surfing, swimming and lazing on the fine sand. 


Hossegor is located north of Bayonne and only about fifteen kilometers from Capbreton. This seaside resort born in the 20th century quickly attracted artists, writers and wealthy people during the holiday season, housed in very beautiful 1920-1930 style villas in the shade of pines, and frequenting the Sporting Casino. 

One of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe, the La Gravière surf spot and water sports make it a very popular resort in the Basque country, with half-timbered houses painted in white and brick colors.

To visit : the Saint-Etienne Church or the Holy Trinity, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Trinity, take a walk in the magnificent forest adjacent to Soorts-Hossegor which concentrates all sports activities.

Concerning the beaches:

And finally, the historic landmark Sporting Casino with its Basque-Landes style will provide very enjoyable holiday moments with its comprehensive sports complex including a mini-golf, pool, several tennis courts, dining and Casino Games, in line with the Californian resort spirit.

Capbreton is the seaside resort neighboring Hossegor, with 8 beaches over 5 km that will give you a sense of wide open spaces, bearing the pretty names of: Notre-Dame, L’Estacade, the Central, the Prévent, the Piste, the Océanides.

Please note that the Landes coastline can be dangerous with strong winds and it is advisable to go to monitored beaches with a safety post, with the Pointe being the only one that is not.

Capbreton is the only port in Landes where the fishing tradition has been rooted for several centuries, with the sale of fishing products as soon as they return early in the morning.

Then, go for a walk along the Estacade, a 190-meter long pier, which ends with a lighthouse to guide boats in their maneuvers at the entrance and exit of the port: the sunsets there are magnificent.

The Gouf is also one of the curiosities of the City. Following the Estacade, it is a vast canyon that plunges more than 3000 m and wide of 1200 m. A refuge for boats during storms but also very abundant in fish for fishing.

The House of Orality and Heritage not only presents a representation of the Gouf and its legends, but also the history of Capbreton.

And finally, numerous hikes or mountain bike rides are offered to you with circuits along the dunes, in the city center and in the forest for the coolness in summer.

Capbreton will offer you beautiful sports and fun-filled days to the taste of the distant oceanic.

Oceanides beach

Oceanides Beach


Biscarosse is located in the South-West of Bordeaux at 70 km. This pretty little resort is bordered by a huge beach on the Atlantic Ocean side and by 2 freshwater lakes.

  • At the North Lake, you will have the white sandy beaches of Maguide, Ispes, Navarosse and Mayotte with paddle boarding, windsurfing, small boats.
  • On the Atlantic side the beaches of Vivier, as well as those of the North, Central and South will allow you to enjoy the waves to surf or simply spend a moment of relaxation or long walks with your feet in the water.

At the gates of the City, at the limit of Landes and Gironde, the Dune du Pilat dominates the entrance to the Arcachon Basin and culminates at 107 meters, a must to climb!

Biscarosse is also renowned for its famous Latecoere Base established in the 1930s, and which saw Jean Mermoz, Antoine de Saint-Exupery carry out the first commercial transatlantic flights and notably delivering the Post. Its Seaplane Museum will recount their exploits and present aircraft of the time.

The Sanguinet Lake Museum will unfold the History of the first men who lived there with ceramics, coins, jewelry, tools and weapons from the Gallo-Roman era. 

And finally, heading towards Arcachon you will discover the beaches of Mimizan and Old Boucau, other beaches that will delight both adults and children.

Finally, the beaches of the Landes Coast which stretch as far as the eye can see from North to South towards Biarritz, are a vast playground for sports and fun that will give a foretaste of Californian holidays in France for the whole family or for sportsmen in search of challenge, surf at their feet.  

Biscarosse Beach

Biscarosse Central Beach

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