Where to find a secret beach in the Var?

The beaches of the Var region are among the most touristic in the south of France. In summer, it is difficult to find space to put one’s towel down. Plages.tv reveals to you the secret beaches.

Map of confidential beaches in Var in southern France

Location of the secret beaches and creeks in the Var department

Around Bormes les Mimosas

The most unspoilt beaches of the Var department are located between La Londe des Maures and Cap Bénat. They are usually accessible by the coastal path or by rocks.

Leoube beach in Bormes les Mimosas and La Londe - southern France

Léoube Beach near the castle and chapel

Léoube Beach is easily accessible from the Pellegrin Beach car park (about 20 minutes on foot). It is not well known and there are many areas where one can put one’s towel down.

Creek of Cap Léoube - a confidential cove in southern France

The beach of Cap Léoube bordered by a pine forest with rocks in the surrounding area

The beach of Cap Léoube is directly accessible from Estagnol Beach in a few minutes via the coastal path. Small pretty deep cove bordered by generous vegetation, the place is sublime.

Le Grand Jardin Beach in southern France

Le Grand Jardin: a totally wild vast beach

Grand Jardin Beach, located on the opposite side, larger than the previous one, has caught our attention. This vast sandy beach is unfrequented and easily accessible by a path. By continuing, one arrives on Mère Dieu Beach (1 km after the previous one) then on Vignasse Beach (easily accessible from Cabasson Beach where there is a car park).

La Vignasse - Bormes les Mimosas

Vignasse and its vineyard

The most beautiful coves of the coast are located east of the Fort of Brégançon. However, the coastal path is non-existent, one has to walk along the coast through the rocks. Access is challenging and some passages are very difficult.

Beach of Duke of  Luxembourg in Bormes les Mimosas in France

The beach of the Duke of Luxembourg, a true wonder in the Var region

The beach in front of the property of the Duke of Luxembourg is one of the wonders of Bormes les Mimosas. On the left, it offers a magnificent view of the fort of Brégançon. By continuing, Galère and Reine-Jeanne beaches offer environments some of which the finest paradisiacal islands envy us.

Reine Jeanne in Bormes les Mimosas in southern France

Reine Jeanne, the last accessible beach from Brégançon

In the gulf of St Tropez

Pampelonne: the trendiest beach in the gulf of Saint-Tropez in France

Pampelonne: the trendiest beach in the Var

There are many small secret coves around St Tropez. Forget about the famous Pampelonne beach, which is beautiful but which attendance is living up to its reputation. Moutte Beach is our favourite. Accessible by the coastal path or by a path through a private property, it offers a beautiful view of the eastern part of the Gulf of St Tropez (Ste Maxime and Port Grimaud mainly).

La Moutte beach with view on Sainte-Maxime - France

La Moutte: a wide beach overlooking Ste Maxime

The beaches around the Escalet are located further east and worth a break. Throughout the coastal footpath leading to Cap Taillat, there are small coves (some are naturist). At Cap Taillat, there is a sandy strip connecting the Cap to the mainland, which is used as a beach.

The Cap Taillat with its sand beach - France - Gulf of St Tropez

Cap Taillat and its sand tongue

On the other side of Cap Taillat, one can reach the beaches of La Croix Valmer. They are beautiful but they are located along the coastal footpath and quieter in summer. Brouis Beach is undoubtedly the most beautiful and less crowded but one has to walk 45 minutes.

Les Brouis in La Croix Valmer

Brouis: a wild beach on the coastal path of Croix Valmer

In the Esterel

Calanque in Esterel in France

A creek in the Esterel (Maubois)

The creeks of the Esterel are located along the corniche d’Or between St Raphael and the department of the Alpes Maritimes. Covered in red pebbles, they offer totally unspoilt settings even if the road is always close by.

Around Toulon

It is hard to find secret beaches west of the department around Toulon. Nevertheless some beaches are worth visiting at least for their authentic side.

To the east of Toulon, near Cap Brun, Mejean Cove offers an authentic setting near a former small fishing village. The various beaches are narrow but the setting is nice. Attendance is limited by the car park. In the same style, numerous sheds dominate Pins de Galle Beach.

Village of Pin de Galle in Le Pradet in southern France

Pins de Galle in Pradet with sheds

The small coves of Cap Nègre, west of the harbour of Toulon, caught our attention. They are not confidential, but one can find some nice areas provided one comes here early. Offshore, there are a few coves on the island of Embiez (very significant summer attendance in our opinion to find an unspoilt area).

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