Rayol-Canadel in France: large creeks in green landscape

The small seaside town of Rayol-Canadel is located in the south of France (Var department), in the heart of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and in the Gulf of St Tropez. This place, famous for its beautiful landscapes and relaxed lifestyle, is a popular destination with crystal-clear water and wooded hills. Canadel Pass, which is also the town’s highest point, arguably offers one of the most beautiful views of the coast of the Golden Islands. It is the perfect destination for those looking for a green and preserved setting while enjoying the pleasures of the sea. Indeed, the various beaches of Rayol-Canadel are beautiful and covered in extra-fine sand. However, the various hamlets are not very lively (we are not in a big resort town).

Beach in Rayol Canadel in France

Rayol Beach with a private area and a large public area

The views and beaches are the main attractions of this place. We enjoy going to Patec and taking the monumental staircase, registered in the supplementary inventory of Historic monuments for the last couple of years, in order to take advantage of an unforgettable sea view. If the stairs once allowed us to reach Rayol Beach, today there are several roads providing easy access. Nature lovers who do not have the opportunity to take the many trails starting from the town will find consolation in visiting the Rayol estate, "The Mediterranean garden." Bought by the coastline Conservatoire, who wanted to preserve the site, it is a delight for all visitors who discover an impressive amount of space that seems to flourish with ease, as the place is natural and almost wild. During summer, it is also possible to discover the seabed through guided tours welcoming everyone. Equipment is provided and sports enthusiasts may even embark on the most amazing snorkelling.

On land, head towards the Voie Verte, the old railway track converted into hiking trails. It offers connections such as the neighbouring municipalities of Le Lavandou and Cavalaire-sur-Mer. For history lovers, St. Theresa church is a must see, especially since it has the particularity of having an amphitheatre where summer mass is held. One can also choose to simply walk around the city that still retains some testimonials of the prosperous years through sumptuous villas.

Landing beach in Rayol-Canadel

The landing beach in Rayol-Canadel with Cap Nègre in the background

There are many beaches in the city, some of which are private and provide deck chair and umbrella rentals. Canadel beach, which was the scene of the landing in Provence, is quiet and popular with swimmers. Rayol and Pramousquier beach (and its black and white sand) and the tip of the Figuier don’t lack charm either; it is up to each individual to choose according to his desires of activities!

Pramousquier Beach between Le Lavandou and Rayol-Canadel

Pramousquier Beach between Le Lavandou and Rayol-Canadel

Nearby is one of the most famous and small Cape's coastlines of the Mediterranean, Cap Nègre, which houses among others a domain belonging to the Bruni Tedeschi family. Built on a rocky headland, the magnificent building has a panoramic view of the sea and is well hidden in the heart of a pine forest. The place is easily accessible by sea and all the more protected that it is the secondary home of the former President of the Republic. To admire from afar during a cruise, this is also the opportunity to discover the coast in a different way!

A cove in La Croix Valmer overlooking Cap Lardier

A cove in La Croix Valmer overlooking Cap Lardier

The charming small resort of La Croix Valmer, located a few kilometres to the east, is a true paradise for those who want to enjoy beautiful wild beaches. The coastal path can reach Cape Taillat through Cape Lardier after a long walk in a totally wild environment. The beautiful beach of Briande is on the way.

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