Dieppe: a popular station in Normandy in France

Located in the department of Seine-Maritime, Dieppe, nicknamed the city of the Four Ports, a typical fishing town of Pays de Caux enjoys an exceptional location. Located less than 2 hours from Paris, it has become a popular destination with the Parisians. It offers tourists a wide variety of landscapes. Holder of the label City of Art and History, it is also rich in History.

Dieppe seafront from the beach - France

Dieppe seafront from the beach

Dieppe is one of the oldest resorts in France. It has a must-see historical centre that is located around the estuary of Arques. It is here that you find the seafront, the area of “Bout du Quai” and its many house with remarkable architecture, particularly on the side of Sainte-Catherine Street. Many visits are organized there throughout the year to discover the riches of the city.

The beach in Dieppe in France

Dieppe beach with views of the cliffs of the “Côte d’Albâtre

There are two beaches at Dieppe. The main is located between the port and the castle in the old town. 1600 meters long, there are many seasonal activities for children (games, pool, ...) and it is possible to rent beach huts.

Activities at the Dieppe seaside with the castle and the casino

Activities at the Dieppe seaside with the castle and the casino

Further north, the beach of Puys is quieter but smaller. Nearby, Pourville beach is highly popular and the resort is classified green resort. But we prefer Vasterival beach in the area of St Marguerite sur Mer. It offers a natural landscape amid the cliffs of the “Côte Albâtre”. At low tide, there is a wide sandy beach.

Further north, the Tréport resort is also very popular with Parisians. Its cliff with its funicular brings an authentic side. It is also at walking distance to Mers les Bains Beach which is the beach south of Picardy. Its waterfront is remarkable with its colourful houses.

Villas and sea cabins of Mer les Bains

Villas and sea cabins of Mer les Bains

If you are a nature lover, head to the Ferme de la Saâne, an educational farm where you can watch cider being made, a speciality of Normandy. You can also visit the Forest of Eawy and the stunning Priory of “Bois de la Belle”, an amazing place which hosts the largest herd of Canadian bison in Europe!

Petit Ailly cove with view on Dieppe

The Petit Ailly cove overlooking Dieppe - finally sand in Seine Maritime!

The churches of the city are worth a close look. Saint-Jacques, built in the twelfth century, Saint-Rémy which dates from the thirteenth century, or Notre Dame des Grèves and that of the Sacré Coeur of Janval, they all have distinct characteristics. Not far away, on the cliffs of the Ailly, in Varangéville-sur-Mer, Saint-Valéry church overlooks the sea. The “Quartier du Pollet” also is a must. The old fishermen’s houses. A bit further away stands the castle of Arques-la-Bataille which dominates the summit of its barren hilltop. Today in ruins, it was the scene of almost 1,000 years of history.

The hikes are also among the highlights of Dieppe. In the forest of Arques extending to the surrounding areas (Ancourt, Arques-la-Bataille, Saint-Nicolas of Aliermont ...), they are many and suitable for everyone. Here is the famous battles site fought by Henri IV. The famous walking trail GR21 also passes through Haute-Normandie, from Dieppe to Etretat and along the Côte d’Albâtre, to enjoy the beautiful limestone cliffs, fields and plains, ports and untamed coastlines. In Dieppe, simply go to the chapel of Notre-Dame de Bonsecours and take the opportunity to discover the valleys between the city of Tréport. Lovers of unforgettable views should start in the other direction, towards Varangéville-sur-Mer, where there are remarkable views. You can also relax in the forest of Moutiers, an exceptional site designed by the English architect Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1898.

Cove north of Dieppe and norman cliffs

A cove north of Dieppe with the Norman cliffs

First French fishing port for Saint-Jacques shell-fishing, you cannot miss this local specialty. The Dieppe pot is equally famous and enjoyed on the terrace of a restaurant. It includes Channel fish and fresh cream from Normandy of course! Pancakes, milk jam, apple or “aguignette”, local delicacies abound!

Dieppe makes it a point to offer its guests numerous activities. It has hosted since 1980, and then onwards every two years, the international festival of kites, a competition with a well established reputation that attracts thousands of fans. The city has also established an International Film Festival devoted to independent cinema, and others dedicated to comics and chess. In November, the herring is honoured at a festivaldedicated to it. 100,000 people go there each year.

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