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Beaches in Tardinghen (62179) France - advise, map and photos

Information on the seaside resort and on the beaches of Tardinghen (Pas-de-Calais) in France


Information on the seaside resort of Tardinghen (62179)

Tardinghen in France

Location of Tardinghen in France

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The village of Tardinghen is located on Côte d’Opale, in the department of Pas-de-Calais in northern France, between the famous Capes Gris-Nez and Blanc Nez.

One can find the village via the cornice linking Boulogne-Sur-Mer and Calais and this exceptional location is the reason why it is a popular tourist destination.

Swimmers particularly enjoy Chatelet Beach, which offers an unforgettable view of the cliffs of Capes Blanc-Nez and Gris; it is even possible to see the English coast on clear days.

A hiking trail starts above Chatelet Beach and follows the coastal path. It leads to Cape Gris-Nez or, in the other way, the seaside resort of Wissant. The sea and dune landscape is very nice.

There is also a must-see marsh in town; photographers and bird watching enthusiasts rush to visit it all year round. All around the village, one can thus stride along the meadows and ponds, and the locals manage a large part of this unconventional area, giving it extra charm. Athletes meet near the white dune.

We advise you to go to the village of Audresselles nearby, the last fishing village on Côte d’Opale. Ambleteuse is also worth a detour with its Vauban fort. The beach at the foot of Cape Blanc Nez in Escalles is worth a detour to observe one of the most beautiful panoramas of the region.

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