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Beaches in Piriac-sur-Mer (44421) France - advise, map and photos

Information on the seaside resort and on the beaches of Piriac-sur-Mer (Loire-Atlantique) in France


Information on the seaside resort of Piriac-sur-Mer (44421)

Port of Piriac sur Mer in France

Location of Piriac sur Mer in France

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  • You will find 17 beaches in Piriac-sur-Mer :16 sandy beaches, 2 pebble beaches and 4 creeks.

Labelled a small town with character, Piriac sur Mer is also a seaside resort of the Loire Atlantique located to the northwest of Nantes (95 km) and 18 km from La Baule, at the end of the Guérande peninsula. With its award, Famille Plus Mer, families with children will find activities in Piriac.

Near the beaches of Piriac, the holidaymakers will have a wide choice! From the small cove that is uncovered at low tide to the large sandy beach which is supervised, the choice is vast. The most important beach of Piriac is the St-Michel beach. It is located next to the harbour. The coastal trail (or customs trail) starts from the city centre beach to the beach of Lérat. On the way, you can discover the many small coves or sandy beaches that mix with the different points of interest along this trail: Castelli point with a magnificent panoramic view and its semaphore, “Grotte à Madame” and the tomb of Almanzor (big rocks also visible at high tide) and the small Breton port of the cove of Lérat.

Nearby you can enjoy the beaches of La Turballe and the point of Pen-Bron where you can take beautiful walks in the middle of the marshes and facing Le Croisic. You will be able to go to La Baule to discover its large sandy beach and its pretty villas. Nearby, Guérande deserves a visit and has the advantage of being close to the seaside resorts of the Cote d'Amour.

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Map of Piriac sur Mer beaches in France Brambell beach Pors er ster beach Port au Loup beach Toulifaut beach Port Kennet beach Cochéro beach Petit Lanroué beach Port Nabe beach Port Boucher beach St Michel beach Closio beach Castelli beach Bichet beach Grand Lanroue beach Port Georges beach Lerat beach Croix Point beach La Turballe

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