Wissant: the beautiful Capes of Opal Coast

Formerly a large passenger and commercial port, the village of Wissant, between Capes Gris-Nez and Blanc Nez, became over the centuries one of the most beautiful destinations in the Opal Coast.

Its beautiful scenery and love of traditions charm tourists, the best example of it being no doubt that of flobarts, the typical boats of the region still used for fishing.

Wissant and the beach - view from the dunes

A beautiful view of Wissant beach and the resort's seafront from the dunes

The beaches of Wissant are among the most beautiful in Europe. Everything is quiet there; the village has kept a gentle lifestyle that can still be found while walking randomly in the small streets where many traditional houses still take centre stage. Standpoints succeed one other as you walk around and discover Wissant’s own light, which has always appealed to artists. The "Pearl of the Opal Coast " is indeed a destination where painters and photographers gather to immortalize the famous skyline.

Village of Wissant in France

A restaurant in the center of the village of Wissant

Wissant waterfront at the dike

A few shops along the waterfront seawall

Wissant is also one of the key destinations for water sport lovers, including kayaking, speed sailing and windsurfing or yachting. It owes its international reputation to the wind that blows all year round and will give great pleasure to athletes off-season. It is also not uncommon to attend training of international champions in winter.

Wissant from Cap Blanc Nez

Wissant seen from Cap Blanc Nez, Cap Gris Nez is in the distance

Children are not left out. The seaside resort enjoys the "Kid" seal of approval, showing its efforts and dynamism regarding the care of children and their families. Various activities are organized all summer. The beaches are the best places to enjoy all the advantages of the village. Dune d’Amont Beach, in the north, is bordered by dunes and offers a nice view of Cap Blanc Nez. It is one of the favourite spots for hikers because it seems to expand infinitely at low tide and can reach various places like the Cape at Escale, the next village. To make sure you do not get wet, you can also simply take the path on the cliffs, the view is breath taking there. The beach is the most beautiful of the resort, and one of the most beautiful in Europe! It is very busy but as soon as one moves away, it recovers its wild and seductive nature. Tourists also go to Strouanne beach, well preserved but only for walks and to sunbath. It is from there that the view of Cap Gris-Nez is the most beautiful, not to mention that the cliffs add to the scenic appeal.

Cap Gris Nez from Wissant

Cape Gris Nez seen from the south beach of Wissant

Wissant is also located in an attractive geographic location. You can therefore take advantage of the time available to you to visit the cities of Calais and Boulogne-Sur-Mer, both less than 20 km away, and you can also opt for a cruise to the English coast or in the hinterland to discover the marsh of Audomarois.

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