Perros-Guirec and the reserve of Sept-Îles. One Visit in never enough

Be careful, visiting this area could become addictive ... even the sun-loving southerners who dare to adventure as far are surprised at the beauty of the area and the warm climate. Very large county of the Pink Granite Coast that extends to the Sept-Iles archipelago, Perros-Guirec is a key destination, not just because of its three lighthouses. Along its rugged coastline, the beaches are exposed to all types of weather conditions. There is always one to shelter from the wind (the wind is common in this area, even in the summer season). All water sports are practiced. In addition, Tregor (region straddling the northern Côtes d'Armor and Finistere) and more especially that part of the Pink Granite Coast has lots to see and is very popular with tourists.


Visit Sept Iles in Perros Guirec in sailing ship

The visit to the Sept-Îles is a must. It can be visited by sailing ship (Le Dundee-Sant-C’hireg) where you can sample the traditional way of the sea (eating, drinking and enjoy fishermen tales).

Boat to go to Sept iles in Brittany

Or via motorboats from the ferry terminal of the Trestraou Beach. The best period is between March and mid-July, as this is the time when you can admire ...


... Puffin-monk, emblematic of Perros-Guirec. It is also called "Calculot", "bird-clown" (because of its rainbow coloured beak in spring time, or "sea parrot"). In the early days of tourism, the railway companies were using it as a tourist attraction: "Come hunt puffins in Perros-Guirec." From being a large population, they almost became instinct. Fortunately, in 1912, the Sept-Îles became a bird sanctuary. Their colony is currently made up of 180 pairs. As big as pigeons, they nest in burrows.


A colony which is not in danger, it is the gannets. With over 21 000 pairs, it is the only one in France and it is increasing every year. Birds have settled on only one of the islands, Rouzic island, with its steep slopes, which enable them to take off more easily. The birds frequent the island between March and October. The Sept-Iles are prohibited to visits. The birds are left alone; only one camera of the French League of Protection of Birds (LPO), posted on the top of the island, allows us to follow the birds life, live, from an office on Ile-Grande, close by.

Fous in Sept Iles

1.70 m wingspan, also called "fous" probably because of the way they dive like rockets into the water from a very high altitude. They return each year to exactly the same nesting spot ... You can also see:




shags, but also gulls of all kinds, Tordas penguins, terns, peregrine falcons and also forty gray seals (when they are not fishing, lounging languidly on the rocks of the islands and islets surroundings):

gray seals in Brittany

Only the Moines island can be visited, during 45 minutes by regular shuttles, as long as you want if you come on your own.

Ile aux Moines

The only island with its own fresh water, the only one to have been inhabited (by monks in the fourteenth century and soldiers in the eighteenth century).

Fort de l'ile aux moines


The fort which served as their shelter has just been restored. If you come by shuttle, the return will take you along the coast of Ploumanac'h, spectacular from the coastal footpath, but even more so from the sea (see the Ploumanac'h tourist guide).

Perros Guirec and its beach of Trestraou

On the mainland, Perros-Guirec is still one of the top seaside resorts in France from 8,000 to 40,000 inhabitants in the summer season, sandy beaches (here Trestaou Beach during the fly over of the French Display Unit) but also lots more family beaches or secluded coves.

beginner surfer in Perros Guirec

Simeon on his surf board ...

Trestraou is also a surfing spotwhich is becoming increasingly recognized, thanks to Alexis Deniel, twice vice-European champion and champion of France longboard category. Along with its surf school, the succession is assured ...

A Trestraou, the attractions are varied. Bars, restaurants, casino (but no disco, go to Trébeurden or Saint-Quay-Perros).

Night market in Perros Guirec

Every Tuesday evening during the summer season, a night market is held all along the promenade, followed by a concert. The fireworks are spectacular.

Restaurant in Perros Guirec

With a little practice or good advice, you can unearth restaurants or that you cannot find anywhere else. Here Digor Kalon where you can eat tapas, chicken with Breton beer, which can also be drunk without chicken, while listening to the band on Friday nights. The restaurant is separated into a half-dozen rooms, each with their identity. We should also mention the Dockyard, the Toucouleur and the Britannia as typical local bars.

Saint Jacques in Perros Guirec

Not to forget that it is the land of the Saint-Jacques. On the port, you will find the small fish market, but the right seasons for it are winter and spring.

Cider of Kernivinen

This is also the land of cider, as here in the Kernivinen orchard, with its producer’s on-site shop.

Hortensias Festival in Perros Guirec

Another local tradition, the Hortensias Festival, in early August, gives an idea of the Breton culture, but in the festoù-noz (night festivals), the absence of costumes and the youth of the experienced dancers and pipers provide a much livelier image. Here, the culture here is not “folklore”, it is rooted in people's lives and well alive. No excuse to miss the first Fest-Noz!

Solitaire du Figaro in Perros Guirec

What about a sea trip to finish you stay? Perros is a regular stage of the Solitaire du Figaro and the Tour de France by sail.

Sailing ship in Perros Guirec

But a trip on an old sailing ship will be quieter and more friendly ...

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