Saint-Tropez Peninsula in France:  fromPort Grimaud to La Croix Valmer

The Massif des Maures that leads to the sea has given us the Saint-Tropez Peninsula, an amazing destination on the French Riviera that enchants thousands of tourists each year. Located in the Var Department in the south of France, it stretches from Port-Grimaud to La Croix-Valmer.

Map with points of interest in the gulf of Saint-Tropez

Map with points of interest in the gulf of Saint-Tropez

Between the Capes and Points are small mountains including Paillas and Callebasse, as well as protected sites on land and sea.

Saint-Tropez: the star of Var and the French Riviera

View of Saint-Tropez and the sea

View of Saint-Tropez and the sea

The peninsula regroups different cities that each add different assets. Saint-Tropez is one them. From the Ponche neighborhood and its small streets to the famous bell tower of its church, the small city has seduced, with its pastel colors, for centuries. Even in the 19th century, writers loved coming here to take advantage of the tranquility and the authentic little harbor. Today, in the summer, Saint-Tropez is invaded by tourists from around the world, but conserves it charm of a small town during the rest of the year, where the market Place des Lices is not to miss. Saint-Tropez offers many creeks and beaches, some of which are: Graniers, Salins, Moutte, Bouillabaisse, and Canoubiers.

Grassin: one of the most beautiful villages in France

View from the village of Grassin on the plane on the Mediterranean

View from the village of Grassin on the plane on the Mediterranean

Nearby we find the village of Grassin, which is one of the most beautiful in France. Perched at 200 meters, it dominates the gulf and the small flower-lined streets offering superb panoramas of the sea and the Massif des Maures. It is the ideal spot to discover the rich local gastronomy and appreciate a drink on the Cote de Province in the shade of an outdoor cafe.

Ramatuelle: champagne on the beach!

Village of Ramatuelle in France

The perched village of Ramatuelle is located a short distance from the shore and the beaches of Pampelonne

Those who are looking for festive activities will find themselves in Ramatuelle which boasts the most famous beaches in France – the beaches of Pampelonne. The jet-setters come all summer, and clubs are lined up along the coast. This is where the “mythe tropezien” was born and makes people dream and where we find Cap Camarat. This cape exhibits beautiful colors from green to blue in its vegetation and passes to white rocks.

The famous Pampelonne beach and its private beaches

The famous Pampelonne beach and its private beaches

The city is surrounded by small villages, with the exception of grapevines and forests here and there. Cogolin, Le Plan de la Tour and Grimaud are also home to a rich and astonishing heritage site. On the authors of gulf de Saint-Tropez, this ancient medieval city still has some ruins of the castle and church of Saint-Michel, that date back to the 12th century. Its sister, Port-Grimaud called the Provencal Venice, was constructed near the sea and has many nice sand beaches.

La Croix Valmer: a family destination

Gigaro beach from the coastal path

View of the edge of Gigaro beach from the coastal path leading toward Cape Taillat

For more calm, head toward La Croix Valmer, more discreet, at 369 meters high where the landscape is unforgettable. It is the ideal place to get olive oil produced in the area! The beaches here are exceptional. Gigaro is perfect for families and we reach Sylvabelle Beach by taking a few stair steps; the reward is a paradisiac creek!

Sylvabelle creek in La Croix Valmer

Beautiful Sylvabelle creek in La Croix Valmer

The more courageous can take the coastal path toward Cape Taillat to get to the beautiful Briande Beach. It is advised to leave from Escalet Beach in Ramatuelle (45 minute walk on the coastal path which offers great panoramic views).

Cape Taillat coastal path in France

The coastal path leading toward Cape Taillat with a little creek in the foreground

A bit of nature on the Saint-Tropez peninsula

Cape Lardier is one of three capes that form the peninsula and it ends at the bay de Cavalaire. Composed of cliffs and bush, the umbrella pines and the scents of Provence seduce those who visit, notably the Vallon des Brouis and the little preserved beaches behind the dunes. Cape Taillat is more rugged and creates a link to the peninsula by a thin slice of sand. The faun and flora make this one of the most beautiful areas of Var.

The heritage sites of Saint-Tropez is enriched by Chateau de la Moutte (Moutte Castle) that was built at the end of the 19th century and its large park is filled with palm trees. Nearby, the Batterie de Capon allow us to look back into military history and discover a pretty path that runs along the coast.

The different beaches of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez are very busy in the summer. There are a few small creeks and beaches that are little known. You will find their descriptions on our site in order to have the best vacation in one of the most beautiful areas of the French Riviera.

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