Pampelonne: one of the most beautiful beaches in the Var department (south of France)

Among the most famous French beaches is Pampelonne, in the department of Var. Attached to the city of Ramatuelle and sometime unjustly to Saint-Tropez, they welcome the jet-setters from around the world who appreciate several private establishments each year. Some of the most visited are: Tropezina, Club 55, and Les Palmiers.

Bay of Pampelonne with its beaches - France

Bay of Pampelonne with its beaches

Pampelonne: the trendy coast of the French Riviera

The famous Tahiti Beach in Ramatuelle

The famous Tahiti Beach in Ramatuelle with Cape du Pinet

This is where the “mythe tropézien” started – on this five kilometer long bay with a the Cape of Saint-Tropez to one side and Cape Camarat to the other. In the beginning, the first establishments Tahiti Plage in 1946 and “Club 55” in 1955 served as canteens during the filming of some famous films like, “Et Dieu créa la femme” (And God created woman) before becoming hip restaurants. Jane Fonda, Claudia Schiffer, Johnny Halliday and Elton John were “usuals” for a long time before leaving the beach to new stars and Djs who, today, create the beautiful nights of Pampelonne.

The beaches of Ramatuelle

Photo of Pampelonne Beach at the end of August

Photo of Pampelonne Beach at the end of August


Pampelonne Beach near Saint-Tropez in the winter

Pampelonne Beach near Saint-Tropez in the winter

During the summer season, more than 30,000 tourists flock toward the sand of Pampelonne each day. It is the ideal place to come if we want to cross celebrities and party by day and by night. If, despite everything, you are looking for some peace and quiet, Bonne Terrasse, the stronghold of fishermen in the city is the place for you. Accessible by foot, this area offers 150 meters of sand – ideal for relaxation in complete tranquility.

Bay of  Bonne Terrasse in Ramatuelle

Bonne Terrasse neighborhood with its great sandy bay

You can also go to the Bay de Briande between Cape Taillat and Cape Lardier or to the south of the Bay de Pampelonne near Cape Camarat marked by the lighthouse. A few minutes from there, you won't  miss the ile aux oiseaux (island of birds), a rock dome offering a great view of Escalet and the Cape de Bonporteau. The more curious can take a look at the superb properties that are well-protected by nature.

Escalet beach from the coastal path - Ramatuelle

The Escalet neighborhood in Ramatuelle seen from the coastal path

On the path, you will see a tomb made of dolmens that date to 3000-2000 BC. Further you can see Volterra castle which welcomed numerous parties in its day, which stands right in front of you!

Before going out in the evening or changing beaches, there is nothing like a little tour at the festival de theatre of Ramatuelle, created in 1985 by Jean-Claude Brialy.

Things to see around the beaches of Ramatuelle

Grimaud in the area of Ramatuelle and Saint Tropez

All around you have tons of choices. The villages Cogolin, Grassin, La Mole, Le Plan de la Tour, Grimaud... they are all part of the twelve exceptional villages that create the municipality. To the east is the Massif des Maures between vineyards and dense forests, the fauna and flora develop in a preserved setting where the scents of umbrella pines and mimosa mix.

For the party and the landscape, the beaches of Pampelonne and their surroundings are sure to charm you!

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