Tourist information on the Gulf of Sagone in Corsica

Map of beaches and seaside resorts in the gulf of Sagone - CorsicaThe Gulf of Sagone stretches between the gulfs of Porto (north) and Ajaccio (south) between the tips of Cargèse and Capo di Feno.
The busiest seaside resorts in summer are located in the northern part of the gulf. Sagone is the liveliest with many pleasant beaches, water activities and the possibility to travel by boat to the Scandola reserve and to the Creeks of Piana (it is also possible to get there by car but visits must be done by boat).
Cargèse in the north of the Gulf is called the Greek city and offers beautiful beaches and many tourist facilities (there is a large holiday club straight on the beach).
In the center, in the Gulf of Liscia (the area cutting deeper into the land of ​​the Gulf of Sagone), the small seaside resort of Tiuccia is highly sought-after by scuba diving enthusiasts.
In the south, bordering the Gulf of Ajaccio, the Gulf of Lava offers a beautiful beach known by the locals, who come on family outings.
The beaches in the Gulf of Sagone are covered in sand. However, because of strong currents,it can be dangerous to swim. One must be cautious especially when the see is rough.
The famous beaches of the Gulf of Ajaccio are located south of the Gulf of Sagone, with larger and busier seaside resorts in summer.

The best beaches in the Gulf of Sagone