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Veryac'h Beach in Camaret-sur-Mer - France

Information on the Veryac'h Beach in Camaret-sur-Mer (France)


Description and location of the Veryac'h Beach in Camaret-sur-Mer (29570)

Map of Veryac'h beach in Camaret sur Mer

Our opinion on the Veryac'h Beach

Adresse of the Veryac'h Beach : Pointe de Pen Hir 29570 Camaret-sur-Mer

Veryac'h Beach in Camaret sur Meris located near the Tip of Pen Hir south of the city center of Camaret. This is in our opinion one of the best beaches in Camaret-sur-Mer. It offers a wide stretch of sand in a protected environment with a beautiful view of Pen Hir, which protects the cove. On the left, there are several small sandy coves at low tide (check tide schedule before venturing to avoid getting stuck).

To get to this beach, take the direction of the Tip of Pen Hir. Before reaching the tip, take the small road on the left by following the directions to the holiday center and the creperie. There is a small car park.

Characteristics of the Veryac'h Beach

Type of beach

  • Creek
  • Shade
  • Lawn
  • Pebbles
  • Sand
  • Cement

Equipment on the beach

  • Handicap accessible
  • Swimming pool
  • Kids Club
  • Shower
  • Mattress rental
  • Free parking
  • Payed parking
  • Paddle boats
  • Lifeguards in season
  • Restaurants
  • WC


  • Beach volleyball
  • Nautical Center
  • Sand Yachting
  • Nursery
  • Fishing
  • Nautical sports
  • Surfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Kitesurfing


  • Difficult access
  • Nude beach
  • Wild beach
  • Near city center


  • Barbecues permitted
  • Dogs allowed
  • Smoke-free beach

Photos of the Veryac'h Beach

Veryac'h beach in Camaret sur Mer

This photo was taken from the car park of the Tip of Pen Hir where the view of this beautiful beach in Camaret is magnificent.

Access to Veryach beach in Camaret

This is the access to the sandy beach in Camaret sur Mer. On the left, the view of the neighbouring peaks such as Tavelle is nice.

Creek on the Veryac'h beach in Camaret sur Mer

There are several small coves at low tide further left. Caution, plan ahead when the tide rises!

Beach near the Pen Hir Tip - Camaret sur Mer

This is the most beautiful beach near Pen Hir, which beginning is visible in this picture.

Tip of Pen Hir from the beach of Camaret sur Mer

From this beach, the view of Pen Hir and the neighbouring islands is magnificent (Tas de Pois).

Creek on the Veryac'h beach on the peninsula of Crozon

This is one of the small coves of Veryac’h Beach at low tide.

Tip of Tavelle -  Crozon peninsula

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