Port-Louis: a small village in the north of the gulf of Morbihan facing Lorient

The Bay of Morbihan is a marvel. All along its coast, there is a succession of small ports and villages that charm the holidaymakers who appreciate the marine atmosphere. Port-Louis is a small historical town close to Lorient, located on a peninsula, it is on the left bank of the Blavet.

Port-Louis citadel in France

The citadel of Port-Louis

Port Louis is best known for its citadel, built in the 16th century by the Spanish. They understood the strategic interest of the place and had installed 6,000 men there. Louis XIII restored it in 1618 and today this citadel is particularly well preserved.

In 1664, Colbert created the "Compagnie des Indes" (Indian Trading Company) and decided that Port-Louis would be the home port. He ensured that the port was equipped with the entire naval infrastructure.

The citadel can be visited and includes two museums. The first is the Navy Museum. It is made up of two thematic spaces: one speaks of rescues at sea and the other of hidden treasures of the ocean. It is a beautiful museum. It also possesses the museum of the “Compagnie des Indes”. It illustrates well the history of Lorient and the various French companies of India in the 18th and 19th century. You will see documents, models, porcelain. The visitor imagines Canton and the Asian and African counters from where the ships brought goods that pleased the rich Europeans.

Bay of Lorient and Port-Louis - France

Lorient from Port-Louis

Embellished by its citadel, Port-Louis is a pleasant seaside town. If you stroll along the coast you can admire its magnificent views. You can easily see the submarine base of Lorient and the Cité de la Voile of Eric Tabarly. You can also discover pleasant small coves to enjoy the sea and be sheltered from the wind if the air is cool. The Grands Sables beach is also very nice. A nautical centre is there so that you can enjoy the pleasures of the harbour and the marina which accommodates up to 200 boats.

Port Louis and its beach - France

The Great Beach of Port-Louis with a view of Larmor-Plage

In Port Louis, you can also experience life around the marshes, take your bucket and rake to look for shellfish. Remember to put the stones back in place ...

In the summer season, the atmosphere is pleasant and the terraces of the cafés await you so that you can enjoy the atmosphere.

Café in Port Louis

The Café du Commerce in Port-Louis

There are many small restaurants and “Crèperies”. They often have gardens in the back where you can eat outside with or without umbrella. These places are always neat and well flowered.

Town hall of Port-Louis

The town hall of Port-Louis

The shops are charming and the walk through the cobbled streets lined with the ancient houses is pleasant.

Street in Port-Louis

A paved street in Port-Louis

Port Louis deserves a visit or a stay. It really is a lovely harbour for a holiday.

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