La Rochelle : Capital of Aunis near the main points of interest of Charente Maritime

Easy living, unspoiled setting and a lively city, La Rochelle is a renowned and welcoming seaside resort that enchants all types of visitors.

Towers in La Rochelle - entrance of the port

These two towers guard the entrance of the port of La Rochelle

Proud of its history of over 1000 years, this former fishing village in the marshes has been enriched through trade, particularly with England. It still has 4 ports and has the nickname of "museum city" as it is rich in architectural treasures.

Its arcaded streets invite visitors to stroll through the city to discover the many craftsmen and tradesmen and houses, dated from the fifteenth century to the eighteenth century. The facades of carved stone and the sober style gives the city a classic charm which is timeless. The big clock, the home of Henry II and the Cathedral are a must, as is the bell tower at St. Barthélémy at the corner of Pernelle and Aufrédy streets.

Big clock of La Rochelle

Big Clock of La Rochelle - Port area

The front door of the city is symbolized by the Tour de la Chaine, on the old port, from which we watched the boats sail.

Surrounded by the vineyards of Bordeaux and the meadows of the Saintonge Valley, you can reach some beaches such as Minimes by sea bus. The small harbour of the same name has a wide selection of restaurants in which to taste the products freshly caught or you can observe the work of the sailors from the terraces. From this beach, following a path of white pebbles, we arrive at the " abandoned lake ", ideal for a rest from the bustle of the city.

Beach near the centre of La Rochelle

Nice walk along Concurrence Beach, the nearest beach to the centre of La Rochelle

La Rochelle has many beaches including those of Concurrence (near the Vieu Port, small and pleasant) and of Chef de Bay, with sports fields and play area for all ages.

The old city is surrounded by ramparts around the Tour de la Lanterne and to the Church of Saint-Sauveur. In the evening, in the rue Saint-Nicolas, you have to go to enjoy the lively atmosphere in the city. The Gabut is the old fishermen's quarter and it has kept the small houses made of authentic stained wood.

La Rochelle in France - aerial view

Aerial view of the old town of La Rochelle - the Vieux Port is located on the right

Further on, the islands of Oléron, Aix and are revealed. They can be seen from the lighthouse of Bout du Monde, a replica of the one built off Cape Horn in 1884. The Island of Aix is best explored on foot or bike around the Fort of the Rade and the “Napoleon "and" African museums "; no shortage of pretty pieces.

Further on, Fouras is one of the prettiest resorts in the Charente-Maritime with its five beaches and entertainment in the summer at the foot of the belle époque villas.

Fort Boyard is one of the most acclaimed tourist attractions.

Water sports enthusiasts will be spoiled since the city hosts many events around the sailing club area.

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