Discover Deauville and Trouville in Normandy

Emblematic of Normandy, extravagant and chic, Deauville attracts and fascinates thousands of tourists every year. Here you can stroll on the boardwalk, and start hunting for American stars at the Festival, or go to the Casino and soak up the atmosphere of this jewel of the Côte Fleurie!

Deauville: the up-market seaside resort of the Côte Fleurie

Deauville attracts the beautiful people, born from the imagination of the Duke of Morny, Napoleon's half-brother, who drained the marshes to create the seaside resort. Deauville is quite magical to enjoy under the sun and the rain. From the long beach of the "6 fusillés" bordered by the channel to its typical architecture, the city is discovered with a certain insouciance.

Boardwalk of Deauvilles with cabins

Famous boardwalk of Deauvilles with cabins on the right and colourful parasols on the left

Impossible to visit Deauville without going through the famous boardwalk, symbol of the city. Created in 1923, this 600 m of wood surface along the sea is a pretty popular promenade (very romantic). With its famous beach huts and the arrival of the American stars at the festival held each year in early September, it is full of charm and welcomes thousands of visitors. The tour allows you to admire the beautiful hotels and villas that surround it, including the most emblematic of all, the Hôtel Normandy Barrière where you can stay if you are seeking tranquillity and luxury. With its green and timbered Norman style, it is unquestionably charming.

Barrière Hotel in Deauville

With its tower, you can see the Barrière palace of Deauville

Go to the renowned Casino where you can try your luck or stop for a drink at the O2 Sofa Bar, an amazing place designed by Jacques Garcia, which offers great views of the sea.

Casino of Deauville - France

Don’t miss out on the racetrack, inaugurated in 1864, the temple of horse racing in France. You can take in a race.

Staying at Deauville, it is also an opportunity to discover the Côte Fleurie, its black cliffs and green valleys. Located in the Pays d'Auge, the Normandy countryside is as famous as the city. All around, the grove is composed of meadows, beaches and dunes that retain an untamed side.

Enjoy a walk to discover the caves nestled in the cliffs of Normandy, such as "Gouy" or "Moines" found in Porte Saint Ouen. Nature lovers will be thrilled to walk through the forests of the area, that of Cerisy, Grimbosq and Saint-Sever among others are near to Deauville.

Deauville's beaches, which stretch for over 2 km, are ideal for family holidays and sporting holidays. Depending on where you are, there reigns calm and contemplation or a holiday atmosphere conducive to relaxation and discovery of water sports. From the city, it is possible to explore the surrounding islands and archipelagos, called "anglo-normandes”, as those of Jersey and Guernsey, Alderney, Jethou, Lihou ...

Trouville and one of the most beautiful beaches of the Côte Fleurie

Trouville in Normandy

View on the beaches of Trouvilles from a bank of Deauville, with a boat in the foreground

The nearby town, Trouville, is worth a visit if only for its beach which is very beautiful. It delights tourists after being popular with artists since the nineteenth century (Flaubert, Proust, Monet ...). The walk also has its boards and pretty villas. Montebello hides a remarkable museum. The small market on the harbour is a must-attend event for all gourmets, the city is also a recognized dining destination. Finally, the beach in the town centre is perfect for families and has many play areas, mini-golf, trampolines, pony ...

Large beach in Trouville - France

Trouville with its large sandy beach and its beautiful villas

Trouville beach in winter

The central beach at Trouville, in the winter

Between Honfleur and Trouville, do not forget to stop in the small village of Criqueboeuf that has a little known and uncrowded beach.

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