Bormes-les-Mimosas: exceptional beaches in a preserved setting

Known for having some of the most beautiful sites in the Var department, the medieval village of Bormes-les-Mimosas (south of France) filled with riches and heritage sites attracts many visitors each year. From its little streets where we find colored facades of the regions to its beaches and creeks that occupy 22 kilometers along the coast, there is something for everyone. The iles d'Or, Porquerolles, Levant and Port-Cros are located just across from the city making up its beautiful landscape. Note that the majority of beaches in Bormes les Mimosas are completely wild and natural and some are difficult to access.

The pinewoods and scrubland surround the area and the stretches of fine sand give charm to this destination. The Pellegrin, Estagnol, Gouron, Favière and Cabasson beaches are the most popular. Pellegrin Beach is vast and easily accessible. It borders the city of La Londe and is made up of dunes and pinewoods, making it one of the most beautiful on the coast. It is the ideal spot to relax after coming from the nearby Route des Vins and boasts a wild character. A paying parking lot is available.

Pellegrin beach in France in Var department

Pellegrin Beach straddles La Londe les Maures and Bormes-les-Mimosas

Estagnol Beach is located in the Brégançon domain and its lagoon has a natural aspect. As it is not very deep, even the smallest walkers enjoy its waters. You can get here easily by car using the private paying parking lot in the area.

Beach in the center of Bormes les Mimosas

Beach next to Bormes-les-Mimosas harbor – La Favière

Gouron and Favière beaches are located just a few steps away from the restaurants on the harbor and are well liked by families. These are the most central and familial beaches in town. We find a vacation club for youths.

Beach in Cabasson - Bormes les Mimosas - France

Wide and long stretch of sand for Cabasson beach facing Fort Brégançon

Cabasson Beach is well protected by the dunes and offers calm and shaded areas with a panoramic view of Fort Brégançon. It is equally the start point for discovering the most secret beaches, but it is not easy to access.

Reine Jeanne beach in France

Wild, natural Reine Jeanne Beach with its turquoise water

Other beaches are accessible from the coastal path (others by crossing rocks – see our detail pages for each beach) or by the sea. This is the case for Léoube beach, near the Cape Léoube, along with Mére Dieu, Vignasse in Brégançon, Fouirades de la Lanterne in Cape Bénat, Port du Pradet in Gaou Bénat... the point Galère and its beach and private harbor also offer a nice site. Behind, we find Reine Jeanne Beach which is included as one of the most beautiful beaches of Var, but is it is not easy to access by foot.

Brégançon Fort in France

Great view of Fort Brégançon from this beach

The view from Giens peninsula and the bay of Cabasson is superb from the beach of Fort Brégançon. It is picturesque with fishermen's cabins and is made up of sand and stones. We could equally choose to visit one of the nearby islands for a day trip!

Old boat shelters in Bormes les Mimosas

Old boat shelters facing Fort Brégançon

Ile de Porquerolles offers hiking trails and one of the prettiest beaches: Argent Beach with its turquoise waters. To the south the cliffs fall into the sea and offer a wonderful landscape. Ile de Port-Cros, a national park, allows us to discover the seabed thanks to underwater paths. Outings are regularly scheduled from the neighborhing city Lavandou, in La Londe and Giens. It is even possible to push over to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez!

Land lovers can visit Saint-François on Wednesday mornings to see the market and those who are athletic will appreciate numerous activities proposed by the city as well as the water sports center. The tree lined harbor “Pavillon Bleu d'Europe” and it is possible to rent a boat or practice scuba diving, water skiing, sailing, etc. Bormes-les-Mimosas is considered the capital of scuba diving in the Mediterranean and the seabeds are exceptional: sea gorgonians, barracudas, sunfish...

Nature holds a great place in this village and those who love bikes are king. A long bicycle lane runs along the old train tracks of Provence that link with Toulon and Saint-Raphael. Pedestrian walks are organized in the forest and along the coast and the city is surrounded by natural spaces to discover: the route des cretes is very picturesque and offers great views, the Barjean path is destined to help you discover the Var landscapes with handicap accessibility and the arboretum of Gratteloup which is made of numerous Mediterranean essences. What a paradisiac atmosphere!

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