Collioure: the most beautiful city in Côte Vermeille

Collioure, a charming town in the Pyrenees-Orientales, belongs to Côte Vermeille and is wonderfully located by the sea about twenty kilometres from Spain.

Collioure Bay in France

The view of Collioure from Balette Beach: there is a castle on the left, Boramar Beach in the centre and the church with St Vincent Beach on the right

Aerial view of Collioure in France

Aerial view of Collioure and its beaches

This treasure on the Catalan coast is an old historic city that welcomed the kings of Majorca and the great painters of the last century. Its light and charming narrow streets attract many tourists every year.

Romans, Phoenicians, Visigoths and finally kings, many people have shaped this city.

Collioure seaside near Boramar beach

Collioure on the seaside near Boramar Beach. There are several beachfront cafes and restaurants

Collioure Square

A square in the centre of Collioure

Church of Collioure

The church of Collioure overlooking the bay

One of the city’s iconic sights is undoubtedly the church built on the sea. The famous bell tower, once a lighthouse, keeps three of its sides in the water, which is very original.

Collioure harbour

Collioure harbour with a colourful boat and the castle

The army’s commando training in Collioure

There is in Collioure the Army’s commando training centre (CNEC). One can see here a training session (public)

The small nearby port inspired great artists such as Matisse and it is pleasant to walk around in the morning and watch the fishermen return. Collioure is indeed a city where gastronomy occupies a key place; one cannot stop there without tasting local specialties, the anchovy is to be savoured with a glass of Banyuls. This designation is the pride of the area and one can easily visit the vineyards, which stretches to the sea! The nearby village of Cerberus is such a perfect place to combine gastronomy and adventure since there are many diving enthusiasts travelling to the underwater trail of Peyrefite.

Vineyards around Collioure

Vineyards around Collioure

Castle of Collioure

The Castle of Collioure was renovated in 2014. The port is in the centre of the photo

The Royal Castle of Collioure, an historical monument, welcomed the counts of Roussillon and the kings of Aragon. It has a beautiful chapel and the view of the coast from the ramparts is superb! Another building overlooking the sea, the view from Saint Vincent chapel is magnificent.

St Vincent Chapel of Collioure

St Vincent Chapel is located at the end of St Vincent Beach

The city has several forts, Carré, Miradou and Rond, which also deserve a good look just like Madeloc tower.

Overview of Port Vendres - France

Overview of Port-Vendres (the harbour station takes away the charm of this small town)

Port-Vendres, which emblem is the Fort of Béar, is close to Spain, which is quite understandable when one knows it offers the view of the coast and the surroundings. Banyuls-sur-Mer, connected to Port-Vendres by the Route des Crêtes is also charming. This is a good starting point to admire the Bay of Paulilles and its stunning beaches that are actually sand and pebble coves. Further away, the more traditional beaches of Fourat and Bernardi are equally appealing.

Overview of Banyuls sur Mer with the beach

View of Banyuls sur Mer and its great beach

Cove of Reguers and view on Collioure and Argelès

The cove of Del Raguès with a view of Collioure and Argelès in the background

The coves of Oli and En Baux are close to Collioure. But we prefer the creeks in the cove of Del Raguès where there is a beautiful sandy beach with a beautiful view of the Bay of Collioure all the way to Argelès-Plage.

The Nature Reserve of Mas Larrieu awaits you on the other side: Argelès-sur-Mer, Saint-Cyprien and its golf then the Ponds of Ayrolle, Seiche, Campignol… bordered by Gruissan, Port-la-Nouvelle or Estarac, they are located one hour away from Collioure. In Saint-Cyprien, the market takes place all summer every Monday from 5 pm to midnight on the harbour, where local products are sold, a good way to eat in a festive atmosphere! To go further away, consult our tourist guide on the Coast Vermeille.

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