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Beaches and swimming areas in the Corsica region in France

List of beaches on the seaside resorts of the Corsica region

Beaches in Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio

Beaches in Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio (South Corsica)

The littoral of Zonza is organized around Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio, located only 20 minutes north of Porto-Vecchio. We find many beaches.

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Beaches in Conca

Beaches in Conca (South Corsica)

Conca has an agreeable maritime facade only about twenty kilometers from Porto-Vecchio. Miniscule typical Corsican city, it is the departure or arrival point for several famous hiking trails.

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Beaches in Barrettali

Beaches in Barrettali (Haute-Corse)

Located in the department of Haute-Corse and composed of several hamlets, the village of Barrettali and its marina are a major destination, one hour from Bastia in Cap Corse.

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Beaches in Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda

Beaches in Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda (Haute-Corse)

Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda is located on the territory of the Agriates, a desert composed of local species, heather, olive trees, pines, and the torn coastline hides beautiful locations.

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Beaches in Porto

Beaches in Porto (South Corsica)

the seaside resort of Porto in Corsica is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful Gulf, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its beautiful beaches.

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Beaches in Piana

Beaches in Piana (South Corsica)

Piana is a village located in Corsica in the Gulf of Porto.This destination is famous for its coastline and especially its creeks, which are very beautiful.

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Beaches in Serriera

Beaches in Serriera (South Corsica)

Located in the department of South Corsica, the small town of Serriera is located on a hillside with olive trees and offers a panoramic view of the Bay of Porto.

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Beaches in Osani

Beaches in Osani (South Corsica)

Osani, a small village in the department of Corse-du-Sud, is located in the natural park of Corsica on the coast of the Gulf of Porto.

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Beaches in Borgo

Beaches in Borgo (Haute-Corse)

Borgo is a small Corsican village located fifteen kilometres from Bastia, in the plain of Marana. The lagoon bar of the Marana is a very touristic natural area.

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