List of beaches that allow dogs in France

Map of dog-friendly beaches in FranceIt has always been hard to find a dog friendly beach in summer in France.
Dog friendlybeaches are very rare. is the only media to visit the various beaches in France and make information accessible for free. We have thus decided to help pet lovers find the perfect beach that will welcome them. You will find below the various dog friendly beaches with full descriptions, pictures, our advice as well as access plans.
As you can see from the map, some regions play along to accommodate pets (Alpes Maritimes, Var, Pyrénées-Orientales). Others are very poor performers, like the Pyrenees-Atlantiques region (no dog friendly beach), the Bouches du Rhône region (only one beach) or the Hérault region where there is a sandy coast with only two dog friendly beaches.
Municipalities are more tolerant with dogs in winter. Therefore, some beaches are banned in summer but not in winter. Those beaches are not listed as dog friendly to guarantee optimum legibility.
In seaside resorts where dogs are not allowed, it is possible to go on a private beach; some of them are dog friendly (even if it is prohibited on the public beach).
We cannot visit every beach in France every year; regulation may have changed in some municipalities since we were last there. Do not hesitate to send us information via the contact page.

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Sainte Barbe Beach - Plouharnel
Sainte Barbe Beach

Plouharnel (56)

Carataggio beach - Porto-Vecchio
Carataggio beach

Porto-Vecchio (20)

Mesnil Val Beach  - Criel-sur-Mer
Mesnil Val Beach

Criel-sur-Mer (76)

Marenda Beach  - Argelès-sur-Mer
Marenda Beach

Argelès-sur-Mer (66)